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Special Collections & Archives Research Center – Oregon State University Libraries http://scarc.library.oregonstate.edu Extension Family and Community Health Records, 1956-2012 (RG 252) Preliminary Container List Box 1 Correspondence and Subject Files: Civil Rights, 1988-1996 (civil rights reviews, minority action plan) Division of Responsibilities of Home Economist (lists), 1983-1991 Gerontology Resources, 2001-2002 Letters to All Agents, 2000 OSU Gerontology Conferences, 2001-2002 Strategic Directions Proposal Development, 2001 Slide/Tape Presentation Programs: (sound recordings stored separately in box 2) Science of Food Preservation-Parts I-III, 1992 “Compre Comida Saludable,” 1992 Solving Canning Problems-Parts I and II, 1985-1986 Pressure Canning Know How-Parts I and II, undated Workshop Leader Guides and Participant Handouts: An Apple A Day: Foods That Might Keep the Doctor Away, 1999 Estate Planning, 1997 FCE (Family and Community Education) Lesson Titles, 1993-2001 Going with the Grain, 2001 Laughter Is Good Medicine, 2002 Mutual Fund Workshops, 1998 Quick Meal Ideas, 1999-2000 Safe Food for Potlucks and Picnics, 1998-2000 Salsa-Some Like it Hot!, 1999 Simple Living: Choosing an Uncluttered, Focused, Rich Life, 2000 State of Poverty Welfare Simulation Program, ca. 1998 What’s New in the Grocery Store: Fats, 1999 Women and Osteoporosis, 1999 Newsletters: Family Child Care Connections, 1996-1998 Various County Family and Community Health Offices, 1999-2008 (10 folders) Oregon Association for Family and Community Education, 1999-2010 (2 folders)

Box 2 Photographs: Classes and Workshops, 1974-1992 Portrait Shots (Unidentified staff?), undated (all negatives) 1998 Summer Youth Program “OCVM” Youth Day Camp, 1982

Albums: Unidentified Conference/Event, 1997 (OSU campus?) Various Educational Workshops and Displays, 1991-1996 (2 folders) Images Drymounted on Foam Board. (Includes loose image captions) Sound Recordings for Slide/Tape Presentation Programs (slides in box 1)

Box 3 Annual Reports: Forest, Judith, 1969/70-1973/74 (Food and Nutrition Specialist) Klippstein, Ruth, 1960-1961 (Nutrition Specialist) Tribble, Marie, 1967-1969 (Food and Nutrition Specialist) Monthly Narrative Reports: Broderick, Bill, 1989-1996 (Morrow County Extension Office) Michael-Bennett, Carol, 1989-1995 (Morrow County Extension Office) Teacher/Leader Guides: Master Food Preserver Program Notebooks and Teacher Guides, 1985-1998 (16 folders)

Box 4 Master Food Preserver Program Notebooks and Teacher Guides, 1999-2002 (5 folders) Family Food Education Resource Notebooks for Extension Volunteers, 2003-2008 (5 folders) Group Leader’s Program Packets, 1968-1973 (not in folders) Correspondence Course Packets, 1969-1986 (5 folders) 4-H Food and Nutrition Topics, 1968-1986 (3 folders) Food Preservation Workshop Materials, 1957-1964

Box 5 General Food and Nutrition Topics, 1971-1973 Celebrate Breakfast: Nutrition Education Program for Pre-School Children, 1993 Food Assistance Program (Food Stamps) Materials, 1966-73 (2 folders-some publications in Spanish) County Program Files, 1964-1990 (92 folders and envelopes- group study lesson plans and guides developed by county agents throughout Oregon on various topics-nutrition, cooking, food buying, entertainment etiquette, kitchen equipment use, Native Americans in Oregon, and Basque culture)

Box 6 County Program Files, 1967-1995 (77 folders and envelopes) Newspaper Clippings: Umatilla and Morrow Counties Extension Service, 1986-1994 (2 folders) Publications: Index of Recipes and Extension Food and Nutrition Circulars, 1956

Newsletter: Extension Cord, 1991-1997 (2 folders)

Box 7 Food Facts Circulars, 1970-1974 Spotlight on Food Circulars, 1955-1968

Box 8 Spotlight on Food Circulars, 1969-1981 Oregon Association for Family and Community Education: Council Meeting Minutes, 1992-1997 County Committees/State Council, 1991-1997 County Council Handbook, 1997 Study Groups, 1992-1997 Newsletters, 1994-1997 Slide Presentations: Your Food: The U.S. Dinner Plate, undated Master Food Shopper: Convenience Foods, 1985 What About Food Additives?, 1978 Feeding Your Children, (script only) Unusual Fruits and Vegetables, 1980-1985 Psychology of the Supermarket, 1977/78 Your Heart and Your Health, 1968-1969 Nutritional Labeling, 1973 Nutritional Labeling: What’s In It For You?, undated Master Food Shopper: Nutritional Labeling, 1973 Master Food Shopper: Reducing the Cost of Grain and Grain Products, undated Master Food Shopper: Reducing the Cost of Meat, undated Master Food Shopper: Unit Pricing, undated Master Food Shopper: Be an Aware Shopper, undated Master Food Shopper: Universal Product Code, 1985 Master Food Shopper: What’s In Your Grocery Bag, undated Master Food Shopper: What’s on the Package?, undated Master Food Shopper: Different Forms of the Same Food, undated Master Food Shopper: Generic Labeling, undated Master Food Shopper: Open Dating, undated Master Food Shopper: Reducing the Cost of Dairy Foods, undated Master Food Shopper: Reducing the Cost of Fruits and Vegetables, ca. 1985 Master Food Shopper: Food Additives – Are They Necessary?, undated Wellness: Your Choice, undated Box 9 Dr. Salmonella’s Safe Food Prescriptions, 1990 Ann’s Additive Story, undated The Fast Food Phenomenon, 1979

Egg Basics, 1983 How’s Your Sense of Taste?, undated It’s the Most, 1965 Food Shopping For 1 or 2, 1972; 1981 Label It Nutrition, 1976 Discovering New Protein Foods, undated Food, Medicine, and You, undated Be a Better Shopper, 1977 (2 folders) Cautious Clarence Goes Grocery Shopping, 1987 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, undated Food for Young Families, undated Diets: A Weighty Problem, 1972 Vegetarianism In a Nutshell, 1978 Selecting and Buying for the Young Family, undated Sugar, Salt and Fat in Your Diet, 1984 Why Eat a Good Breakfast?, 1967 Breads You Bake With Yeast, Creative Meal Planning, undated (script only) Food through the Ages, 1962 (script only) Improving Teenage Nutrition, 1963 Wild Fruits and Berries, undated Food Prices and Inflation: Is There an Answer?, undated Shopping for Food: A Supermarket Survival Kit, undated Photographs (prints and negatives): Advanced Training Workshop, undated EFNEP Program, 1988 Food Safety Presentation Images, undated General Meetings: Family Community Living National Convention, 1986 Regional and State Training Institutes (STI), 1984-1990 (10 folders)

Box 10 Regional and State Training Institutes (STI), 1991-2001 (5 folders) Volunteer Awards Banquet, 1989-1992 (2 folders) Portrait Shots (unidentified people), undated Display Photos and Captions: Home Economics Extension, undated Sound Recordings, DVDs, and CDs, 1977-2011

Box 11 VHS Videotapes: Biotechnology and Food: A Public Issue for Extension Education, 1994 El Sabor de Salsa: Cocinando para la Salud Eres Lo Que Comes (You Are What You Eat)

Food for Thought-Your Nutrition Food Preservation Update, 1988 The Frugal Gourmet: Cheese for a Meal Home-Based Smoked Fish Keeping Food Safe (Extension Video Workshop Project), 1988 Low Fat/No Fat: Good or Bad?, 1997 The Next Step: Exercises to Reduce Osteoporosis, 1996 No Better Gift Oregon’s Commercial Fishermen: The Business in their Blood, 1990 Shopping Basics Using the Food Pyramid in Nutrition Education, 1992 Wishing You Well: A Tribute to Carolyn Raab, Food for Later Series: Canning Fruits and Tomatoes (HE5c) Freezing Fruits and Vegetables Jams and Jellies Making Pickles and Sauerkraut (HE5f) Drying Fruits and Vegetables Canning Meat and Fish Canning Vegetables Teleconference Proceedings FDA/USDA Food Safety Teleconference-5/5/98 Food Preservation/Safety Teleconference, 1998 “How Safe is Our Food?,” 1990 (2 tapes) “Safe Food for the Hungry,” 1995-1998 (6 tapes) World Food Day Teleconference, 1994 Box 12 Maraschino Cherry Kit, ca. 1975 (Printed directions for the cherry preparation and 7 bottles in a shipping box that contains rennet tablets, calcium chloride, meta-bisulfite and citric acid, red food coloring, potassium meta-bisulfite, and maraschino cherry flavor) Box 13 Overhead Transparencies for Food Safety Presentations (in Spanish), undated EFNEP Program-Images Used in a Publication, undated Display Photos and Captions: An Informal Exchange Program to Promote Cultural and Social Understanding Between Rural Women in Malawi (Africa) and Oregon, undated


A preliminary container list - Oregon State University Special Collections

Special Collections & Archives Research Center – Oregon State University Libraries http://scarc.library.oregonstate.edu Extension Family and Community...

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