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The Application Framework (TAM) is a sub-component of Frameworx, the TM

TM Forum Frameworx

Forum’s blueprint for enabling successful business transformation. It provides a

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common language and means of identification for buyers and suppliers across all

Business Process Framework (eTOM)


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All of Frameworx, including the Application Framework, is created and evolved by


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software application areas.

Information Framework (SID) Application Framework (TAM) Integration Framework

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Architecture & Governance

What is the Application Framework? The Application Framework (TAM) provides a systems map which captures how business capabilities are implemented in deployable, recognizable applications. The Application Framework provides a common language for communities who specify, procure, design, and sell systems, so that they can understand each other’s viewpoints. It provides logical groupings of applications, then describes each application’s functionality. As a result, it is a practical, everyday working guide to define and navigate the elements of the complex management systems landscape.

5 things you can do with the Application Framework 1

Streamline procurement by using common definitions and language to specify and evaluate solutions


Document and then rationalize your application inventory during transformation projects or mergers and acquisitions


Integrate faster and with lower costs by defining and clearly communicating the functions provided within each application


Reduce custom development costs with modular, standard application requirements


Increase automation and efficiency with standard, deployable components

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See the new Digital Services Toolkit, which links business problems directly to the

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TM Forum assets required for their solution. Download the Application Framework (TAM) Poster – R16.5

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Application Framework (TAM) - TM Forum

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