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Fly-In Fly-Out If you work in a remote area, you may be eligible to salary package the cost of airfares to and from your usual place of residence to your workplace with the Remote Area Assistance Fly-In, Fly-Out benefit.

Utility Expenses

You must discuss with your Employer whether Fly-in Fly-out is a benefit allowable under the salary packaging program. If so Refer to Package Requirements to determine if you are eligible to package this benefit.

Other Household Expenses

When paying for Fly-In Fly-Out, using pre-tax salary, your taxable income will reduce, thus resulting in you paying less income tax.

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You may not have to pay GST for this benefit. Package Requirements Who is Eligible? An employee is considered to be working on a fly-in fly-out or drive-in drive-out (or equivalent) basis when all of the following apply: On a regular and rotational basis, the employee works for a number of days and has a number of days off which are not the same days in consecutive weeks (that is, following one week after another without interruption), such as a standard five-day working week and weekend. The employee returns to the employee’s normal residence during the days off

Child Care on Employer Premises

It is customary in the industry in which the employee works for employees performing similar duties to work on a rotational basis and return home during days off – for example, miners – and the work duties continue to be undertaken by other employees on a rotational basis while any particular employee is on their days off

Work Related Exempt Expenses

It is unreasonable to expect the employee to travel to and from work and the normal residence on a daily basis, given the locations of the employment and their home, and

Gym on Employer Premises

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It is reasonable to expect that the employee will resume living at the normal residence when the employment duties no longer require them to live away from home. What are not Eligible Expenses under FiFo: Airfares for holidays, or any other travel that is not between your home and remote area workplace. Airfares for anyone other than you the employee. Airfares that you claim from your employer or that your employer has paid for on your behalf. NOTE - you may not have to pay GST for this benefit. Where GST is payable for the service, your employer is able to claim an Input tax Credit (ITC) – GST refund. This ITC may then be passed back to you, the employee.

Professional Subscriptions and Membership

When you salary package the Fly-In, Fly-Out benefit, you specify an amount per annum for Remunerator to deduct each pay. When you pay for an airfare, simply submit a reimbursement claim form online or with Remunerator app, with tax invoices attached, to Remunerator and we will credit the money into your nominated bank account.

Travelling for Work

Process and Payment Options

Other Work Related Expenses

Select Fly-In Fly-Out, the amount you would like to package and your preferred packaging / payment option.


Fly-In Fly-Out Pack Facts

Payment: Reimbursement to Bank Account

Input Tax Credits (ITC's)

Reimbursement To Your Nominated Account Login to your Statements area and Submit your Claims Online, or use our iPhone or Android app, together with required substantiation.

By salary packaging, you can effectively save on GST.

Evidence Required - Tax Invoices / Receipts at the time of each claim (during your package).

When you package a benefit that attracts GST, your employer will receive a credit for the GST paid from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). This credit is referred to as an Input Tax Credit (ITC). After receiving the ITC, your employer will pass back the ITC to you through your salary package. The full amount will be paid for the benefit, however the amount less GST will be charged to your package. ITC’s can be passed back for most items where GST is payable such as: Most Work Related expenses eg Briefcases iPad / Tablet / Laptop / Notebook Computers Professional Subscriptions Motor Vehicle expenses eg Motor Vehicle Leases Petrol and Repairs Utilities eg Electricity/Gas/Telephone And many more eg· House Insurance Public Transport Other General Expenses Even your Remunerator fees! You can track the ITC’s passed back by your Employer with your Remunerator Employee Statement. Input Tax Credits (ITC's)

Fly-In Fly-Out FAQs 1. Can I separately claim any part of the packaged benefits on my personal income tax return? No, you cannot receive a tax benefit twice. If you package a benefit through your employer you are immediately prevented from claiming it again privately. The salary packaging programme brings forward any potential tax savings/claims that you may have had at the end of the financial year (June 30 each year).

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Benefit Details - Fly-In Fly-Out - Remunerator

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