January 2016 Newsletter – Bluewater Coast Elementary


January 2016 Newsletter Principal’s Message Happy New Year to all of our BCES families. Thank you once again to all of our parents and community volunteers for once again making December a memorable and enjoyable time for students and staff at BCES. I would like to also like to acknowledge and thank a number of families, businesses and other anonymous donors for a variety of special contributions made in the spirit of giving. We have received cash donations to our Eat to Learn program, many Christmas Bureau gifts for families in need, new hockey sticks and lots of used skates and helmets to share with those who need to borrow them. Thank you! As you touch base with your child(ren) please be sure to ask them about how they are using technology throughout their school day to help them learn. At BCES we have Chromebooks, Ipads, desk top computers and Smartboards that students use on a daily basis to access curriculum as well expand their ability to present their knowledge and transfer skills. We hope that students and staff continue to build upon our skills in the area of technology as we learn together at BCES. If you have not already started to follow BCES on Twitter please do! We will be sharing about learning that is taking place here at school and while we are out and about in our community. As well, bus delays and cancellations will be posted to Twitter. The weather actually feels like winter outside now so it is important for students to come to school dressed warm for outdoor play. Please send extra socks and mittens as sometimes they get wet when everyone is having fun playing. We will monitor the wind chill and temperature but for the most part we will be outdoors for two 20 minute breaks each day. As always please call or stop in at the office if you have questions or would like to share something with me. JoAnne Knechtel Staff Change It is with sadness that Mrs. Heather Baxter has left Bluewater Coast Elementary School and accepted a position at Romeo Public School in Stratford. Mrs. Baxter has taught in the Grade ¾ classroom this year and in a primary classroom last school year. The staff and students will miss her and we wish her all the best at Romeo. We congratulate Ms. Lindsay McNichol as the new teacher in the Grade ¾ classroom for the remainder of the school year. We also welcome Ms. Whitney Nuhn as a new staff member in September 2016. Ms. Nuhn is spending time with her family as they welcomed a new baby. Late Again In the past month, there has been a large increase in the number of students arriving to school late each morning. We understand that occasionally something interferes with arriving on time, but we have concerns when lateness becomes habitual. The entry bell rings at 8:50 am each morning, and attendance is taken at that time. Immediately following attendance, there are morning announcements for the school, then each class begins its day, usually by organizing and introducing the day’s activities. This is important learning time for your child, and sets the tone for success. When your child arrives late, he/she misses out on important routines and information. We appreciate your efforts in teaching, encouraging and setting an expectation for promptness in your child’s daily routine. In the event that your child is late (arriving after 8:55 am), he/she is expected to enter the school by the front door, report to the office for safe arrival and get an Admit Slip so the teacher knows that the student has been to the office. Thanks for your assistance in making learning run smoothly. Skating Our next skating at the arena will be Friday, January 22, 2016. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped to make our first skating outing such a success. Just a reminder to dress for the weather and that all participants must wear a helmet, strongly recommending a CSA approved hockey helmet. Open House for Grade 6 students going to Grade 7 @ South Huron District High School in September 2016 South Huron District High School is holding an Open House on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 for students who are currently in Grade 6 and going to Grade 7 in September 2016. Please plan to attend to meet the staff, visit the school, hear the Grade 7 to 12 band perform and much much more. Huron County Christmas Bureau A note from the Huron County Christmas Bureau – “For every act of kindness, for every thoughtful and loving act of charity, for every gift be it large or small, we are sincerely grateful. On behalf of the children & their families and the volunteers of the Huron County Christmas Bureau we thank you. Your donation has made a difference for a family in your community”. This December the Exeter Huron County Christmas Bureau assisted over 120 families and 300 children in our area. Thank you for your generosity in helping them meet these needs. Ontario Student Nutrition Program Bluewater Coast Elementary School would like to thank the Road Supervisors in Huron County, Nextera, Hensall Kinsmen and Tim Hortons in Clinton and Seaforth — funds raised during the September Smile Cookie campaign, for your generous donations to the Ontario Student Nutrition Program. These funds will support our Eat & Learn program here at BCES. Library Helpers There are 24 enthusiastic library helpers, who help Ms. Wondergem in the library during first recess. Each student is assigned one recess every two weeks to assist with stamping, stickers, sorting, putting books away, etc. Students are allowed to volunteer more often as well. Their assistance is greatly appreciated. There are twelve computer helpers, who turn the computers in the library on and off each day. These helpers are divided into morning and afternoon groups. Six helpers were assigned to a daily commitment for October and November. Six different computer helpers are assigned for the months of December and January. Ms. Wondergem looks forward to working with the library and computer helpers again in the new year. Silver Birch Reading Program Our Silver Birch reading programs kicked off on December 16th in the school library. There are ten books written by Canadian authors for each of the three Silver Birch program. These books were selected by the Ontario Library Association (OLA), in each of the following programs: Silver Birch Express, Silver Birch Fiction, and Silver Birch Nonfiction. The programs are intended to encourage reading for fun. The students will have approximately four months to read at least five or more of the books in one of the three categories. Each student, who accomplishes this goal, will have the opportunity to participate in an Ontario wide vote for students. They will be choosing their favourite book near the end of April 2016 in one of these categories. All votes will be sent to the OLA in Toronto for tabulation. There is a banquet in May in Toronto to award each winning author. Students will have the opportunity to read at school in the library during one recess per week. The books are also allowed to be checked out and taken home. Please refer to Ms. Wondergem’s staff home page on our school’s website for the Internet links to each of these reading programs. In order for students to take the Silver Birch Books home, the students must consistently return their library books on time. These reading programs are voluntary. If your child signs up for one of these programs, please encourage them to read, so they may obtain their goal to Vote in April! Once these programs are completed at the end of April 2016, the Silver Birch Books and Blue Spruce Books will become part of the BCES library collection for all students to check out. Blue Spruce Reading Program Students in grades JK – 2/3 will be participating in the Blue Spruce Reading Program. Each teacher will be choosing a month between January and April to conduct this program with their class. All ten books in this program will be read to the students. Each student will then have the opportunity to vote in an Ontario wide student vote. They will choose their favourite book from the program. Please refer to Ms. Wondergem’s staff home page on our school’s website for the Internet link to this reading program. All votes will be sent to the Ontario Library Association in Toronto for tabulation. There is a banquet in May in Toronto to award the winning author. The Hensall Public Library There were two happy fish swimming in their bowl. Suddenly only the orange fish was left. The orange fish was sad and cried because his friend was gone. So begins The Goodbye Book by Todd Parr. He shows us that saying goodbye is hard yet we all have to do it. Sometimes you might not feel like eating, or you might get mad, or you might try to hide. But…eventually you’ll start to feel better. The vocabulary in the book is very simple. Very little is said but it conveys a lot of feelings. The illustrations are very bold, vibrant and colourful. They help to make the message light and fun in the end. I highly recommend this book to anyone helping a child deal with loss. This book is fantastic! We have a new student helping to provide even more hands on assistance with your computer questions. Gavin Bowers is our new Internet Access Assistant. Please call to book an appointment with him as registration is required. He’s here every Thursday from 6-8pm until the end of March. 519-262-2445 We still have Tech Time too, where we offer even more one on one instruction on the computer or your device. Please call to book an appointment. Our next TT is Wednesday, January 6 from 10-2pm. Our Book Club meets once each month and we are always looking for new members. We meet the third Tuesday of each month from 6:308pm which is January 19. Our Book Club is based on a theme, resulting in a diverse collection of books to share and discover. Refreshment is provided. Bring a friend. Watch for more information about an Easter Egg Hunt! December 2015 Newsletter

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January 2016 Newsletter – Bluewater Coast Elementary

January 2016 Newsletter Principal’s Message Happy New Year to all of our BCES families. Thank you once again to all of our parents and community volun...

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