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Netgear WN1000RP Installation Manual

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Wifi booster for mobile.











Table of Contents

(/manual/589099/Netgea (/manual/5 11 12 Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp page=11#manual) page=12#

(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/Netgear(/manual/589099/NetgearADVERTISEMENT Wn1000rp.html#manual) Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp.html? Wn1000rp.html? page=2#manual) page=3#manual) page=4#manual) page=5#manual) page=6#manual) page=7#manual) page=8#manual) page=9#manual) page=10#manual)

F-Secure Cloud Protection - Security for Service Cloud

WiFi Booster for Mobile WN1000RP Installation Guide (/manual/589099/Netgear-Wn1

(/manual/589099/NetgearWn1000rp.html? page=2#manual) Extended Wireless Range Router Range

Table of Contents (/manual/589099/Netgear-Wn1000rp.html?page=2#manual)

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Also See for Netgear WN1000RP

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Summary of Contents for Netgear WN1000RP Page 1: Installation Guide (/manual/589099/Netgear-Wn1000rp.html#manual) WiFi Booster for Mobile WN1000RP Installation Guide Extended Wireless Range Router Range...

Page 2: Table Of Contents (/manual/589099/Netgear-Wn1000rp.html?page=2#manual) Contents Hardware Features ........3 Getting Started.

Page 3: Hardware Features (/manual/589099/Netgear-Wn1000rp.html?page=3#manual) Hardware Features The LEDs on the front show how the WiFi Booster is working. Link Rate Link Rate Status This LED indicates a wireless connection between WiFi Device the WiFi Booster and the to Booster router. • Green is best. •...

Page 4 (/manual/589099/Netgear-Wn1000rp.html?page=4#manual) The side panel has the following features: • On/Off button. Turns the device on and off. • WPS button. Press the WPS button to wirelessly connect the WiFi Booster to your router or wireless adapter. All LEDs blink when the WPS procedure starts. The bottom panel has the Factory Reset button.To use this button, insert a paper clip into the reset hole and hold it until the Status LED blinks.

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