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I FOREST BIOGEOSCIENCES AND FORESTRY MCFNS Mathematical and Computational Forestry & NaturalResource Sciences

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Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid

ISSN: 02111322 EISSN: 19883196 Subject: Botany Publisher: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Country: Spain Language: Spanish, English Keywords: taxonomy, ecophysiology, phylogeny, phylogeography, functional morphology, plant-animal relations Start year: 1998 Publication fee: No --- Further Information

Annals of Forest Research

ISSN: 18448135 EISSN: 20652445 Subject: Forestry Publisher: Forest Research and Management Institute ICAS Country: Romania Language: English Keywords: forestry, silviculture, environmental sciences Start year: 2008 Publication fee: No --- Further Information


ISSN: 17264170 EISSN: 17264189 Subject: Earth Sciences --- Geology --- Biology Publisher: Copernicus Publications Country: Germany Language: English Keywords: astrobiology, exobiology, biodiversity and ecosystem function, biogeochemistry, biogeophysics, paleobiogeoscience Start year: 2004

Boreal Environment Research

ISSN: 12396095 Subject: Environmental Sciences --- Ecology Publisher: Boreal Environment Research Publishing Board Country: Finland Language: English Keywords: environment, geosciences, marine & freshwater biology, meteorology & atmospheric sciences, forestry, water resources Start year: 1997

Ecology and Society

ISSN: 17083087 Subject: Ecology Publisher: The Resilience Alliance 2

Country: Canada Language: English Keywords: conservation, biology, ecology Start year: 2004

Endangered Species Research

ISSN: 18635407 EISSN: 16134796 Subject: Ecology Publisher: Inter-Research Country: Germany Language: English Keywords: conservation, biodiversity, ecology, biology, environment Start year: 2004

Fire Ecology

ISSN: 19339747 Subject: Ecology Publisher: Association for Fire Ecology Country: United States Language: English Keywords: fire ecology, fire history, prescribed fire, fire regime, wildfires Start year: 2005

[email protected]

ISSN: 18240119 Subject: Forestry Publisher: Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology - SISEF Country: Italy Language: Italian, English Keywords: silviculture, forest ecology, ecophysiology, conservation genetics, forest biodiversity, forest management Start year: 2004


ISSN: 19994907 Subject: Forestry Publisher: MDPI AG Country: Switzerland Language: English Keywords: forest engineering, forest science, woodlands, forest entomology, forest ecology, forest economics, tropical forest Start year: 2010

IForest: Biogeosciences and Forestry

ISSN: 19717458 Subject: Forestry Publisher: Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology - SISEF Country: Italy Language: English Keywords: forest, biogeoscience, forestry Start year: 2008 3

Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences ISSN: 19467664 Subject: Forestry Publisher: University of Georgia Country: United States Language: English Keywords: forest biometrics, modeling, growth and yield, mensuration, simulations Start year: 2009

Revista Árvore

ISSN: 01006762 EISSN: 18069088 Subject: Forestry Publisher: Sociedade de Investigações Florestais Country: Brazil Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish Keywords: agricultural sciences Start year: 2002

Silva Fennica

ISSN: 00375330 Subject: Forestry --- Ecology --- Botany Publisher: Finnish Society of Forest Science, Finnish Forest Research Institute Country: Finland Language: English Keywords: forest science Start year: 1998

Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

ISSN: 1300011X EISSN: 13036173 Subject: Agriculture (General) --- Forestry Publisher: Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey Language: English Keywords: agriculture, forestry Start year: 1998




Volumen 69 Nº1 (2012)

Sumario Artículos [en]

Novedades botánicas de la Sierra de Maigualida, sur de Venezuela. II


José R. Grande, Jacquelyn Kallunki, María M. Arbo, Paul E. Berry, Otto Huber, Ricarda Riina [en]

Las Orchidaceae de la “Flora Peruviana et Chilensis” de Ruiz y Pavón. Estudio taxonómico. I


Franco Pupulin [en]

Lista preliminar de la flora exclusiva de Cerdeña y orden de prioridades para su conservación


Gianluigi Bacchetta, Giuseppe Fenu, Efisio Mattana [es]

Dos nuevas especies colombianas de la sección Brevispicae del género 91-95 Sloanea (Elaeocarpaceae) RESUMENPDF Leonardo Palacios-Duque, José Luis Fernández-Alonso


Paleobiología del género Hypericum (Hypericaceae): una revisión del registro fósil y sus implicaciones paleogeográficas


Andrea S. Meseguer, Isabel Sanmartín [en]

La comunidad macrofúngica y su diversidad en los bosques de roble (Quercus petraea y Q. robur) de Irlanda


Richard O’Hanlon, Thomas J. Harrington Distribución de la biomasa de los macrófitos sumergidos en la laguna [en] salina somera de Fuente de Piedra (España) en función de las variables ambientales


Rafael M. Conde-Álvarez, Elena Bañares-España, José M. NietoCaldera, Antonio Flores-Moya, Félix L. Figueroa

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Annals of Forest Research journal of forestry and environmental sciences

Volume 55 (1), 2012

A simulation study on the behavior of allelic richness and inbreeding coefficient over generations in fragmented populations of tree species V.M. Stefenon, L.S. Costa Summary | Pdf (298 K) | ISSR markers for analysis of molecular diversity and genetic structure of Indian teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) populations S.A. Ansari, C. Narayanan, S.A. Wali, R. Kumar, N. Shukla, S.R. Kumar Summary | Pdf (675 K) | Improvement of grafting procedures for the ornamental species: II. Abies concolor [(Gord. & Glend.) Lindl] I. Blada, T. Panea Summary | Pdf (647 K) | Variation of leaf morphological traits in natural populations of Fagus orientalis Lipsky in the Caspian forests of Northern Iran V. Bayramzadeh Summary | Pdf (753 K) | Testing Romanian seed sources of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst): results on growth traits and survival at age 30 M. Budeanu, N. Sofletea, Gh. Parnuta Summary | Pdf (402 K) | Foliar chemical attributes of the hybrid bred from Eucalyptus citriodora x E. torelliana and its parental taxa, and implications for fungal resistance V. K. Varshney Summary | Pdf (296 K)


| Effects of media and indole butyric acid (IBA) concentrations on hopbush (Dodoneae viscosa L.) cuttings in green house M. Saffari, V.R. Saffari Summary | Pdf (336 K) | Effect of cutting diameter and hormonal application on the propagation of Ficus roxburghii Wall. through branch cuttings R.S. Rana, K.K. Sood Summary | Pdf (474 K) | Production of cellulases by fungal cultures isolated from forest litter soil A. Sri Lakshmi, G. Narasimha Summary | Pdf (928 K) | Factors responsible for co-dominance of two beech species in a cool temperate forest in central Japan: interspecific comparison of spatial distribution and growth traits W. Ishizuka, S. Goto, M. Kaji Summary | Pdf (393 K) | Estimating basic wood density and its uncertainty for Pinus densiflora in the Republic of Korea J.K. Pyo, Y.M. Son, K.H. Lee, Y.J. Lee Summary | Pdf (373 K) | Temporally resolved intra-annual wood density variations in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) as affected by climate and aspect E. van der Maaten, M. van der Maaten-Theunissen, H. Spiecker Summary | Pdf (665 K) | An evaluating methodology for hydrotechnical torrent-control structures condition S.O. Davidescu, I. Clinciu, N.C. Tudose, C. Ungurean Summary | Pdf (2881 K) |



Biogeosciences Volumen 9 - Nº 7 (2012)

Bioerosion by euendoliths decreases in phosphate-enriched skeletons of living corals C. Godinot, A. Tribollet, R. Grover, and C. Ferrier-Pagès Page(s) 2377-2384 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 7101 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Use of the isotope flux ratio approach to investigate the C18O16O and 13CO2 exchange near the floor of a temperate deciduous forest E. Santos, C. Wagner-Riddle, X. Lee, J. Warland, S. Brown, R. Staebler, P. Bartlett, and K. Kim Page(s) 2385-2399 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2962 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Implications of observed inconsistencies in carbonate chemistry measurements for ocean acidification studies C. J. M. Hoppe, G. Langer, S. D. Rokitta, D. A. Wolf-Gladrow, and B. Rost Page(s) 2401-2405 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 477 KB) Supplement (276 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Occurrence and distribution of ladderane oxidation products in different oceanic regimes D. Rush, E. C. Hopmans, S. G. Wakeham, S. Schouten, and J. S. Sinninghe Damsté Page(s) 2407-2418 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 675 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Production of oceanic nitrous oxide by ammonia-oxidizing archaea C. R. Löscher, A. Kock, M. Könneke, J. LaRoche, H. W. Bange, and R. A. Schmitz Page(s) 2419-2429 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2562 KB) Supplement (181 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Microbial nitrogen cycling on the Greenland Ice Sheet J. Telling, M. Stibal, A. M. Anesio, M. Tranter, I. Nias, J. Cook, C. Bellas, G. Lis, J. L. Wadham, A. Sole, P. Nienow, and A. Hodson Page(s) 2431-2442 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 771 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Processes controlling the Si-isotopic composition in the Southern Ocean and application for paleoceanography F. Fripiat, A.-J. Cavagna, F. Dehairs, A. de Brauwere, L. André, and D. Cardinal Page(s) 2443-2457 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 597 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Effects of soil rewetting and thawing on soil gas fluxes: a review of current literature and suggestions for future research D.-G. Kim, R. Vargas, B. Bond-Lamberty, and M. R. Turetsky


Page(s) 2459-2483 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 741 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Seasonal occurrence of anoxygenic photosynthesis in Tillari and Selaulim reservoirs, Western India S. Kurian, R. Roy, D. J. Repeta, M. Gauns, D. M. Shenoy, T. Suresh, A. Sarkar, G. Narvenkar, C. G. Johnson, and S. W. A. Naqvi Page(s) 2485-2495 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2389 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) The role of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica in the cycling of trace elements C. Sanz-Lázaro, P. Malea, E. T. Apostolaki, I. Kalantzi, A. Marín, and I. Karakassis Page(s) 2497-2507 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 468 KB) Supplement (74 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Detecting anthropogenic carbon dioxide uptake and ocean acidification in the North Atlantic Ocean N. R. Bates, M. H. P. Best, K. Neely, R. Garley, A. G. Dickson, and R. J. Johnson Page(s) 2509-2522 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2755 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Changes in growth of pristine boreal North American forests from 1950 to 2005 driven by landscape demographics and species traits M. P. Girardin, X. J. Guo, P. Y. Bernier, F. Raulier, and S. Gauthier Page(s) 2523-2536 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2260 KB) Supplement (1771 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) How errors on meteorological variables impact simulated ecosystem fluxes: a case study for six French sites Y. Zhao, P. Ciais, P. Peylin, N. Viovy, B. Longdoz, J. M. Bonnefond, S. Rambal, K. Klumpp, A. Olioso, P. Cellier, F. Maignan, T. Eglin, and J. C. Calvet Page(s) 2537-2564 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2185 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Remote sensing-based estimation of gross primary production in a subalpine grassland M. Rossini, S. Cogliati, M. Meroni, M. Migliavacca, M. Galvagno, L. Busetto, E. Cremonese, T. Julitta, C. Siniscalco, U. Morra di Cella, and R. Colombo Page(s) 2565-2584 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1749 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Spectroscopic detection of a ubiquitous dissolved pigment degradation product in subsurface waters of the global ocean R. Röttgers and B. P. Koch Page(s) 2585-2596 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 8816 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Preface "Sources and rapid biogeochemical transformation of dissolved organic matter in the Atlantic surface ocean" B. P. Koch and G. Kattner Page(s) 2597-2602 Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2350 KB) Special Issue Sedimentary phosphorus and iron cycling in and below the oxygen minimum zone of the northern Arabian Sea P. Kraal, C. P. Slomp, D. C. Reed, G.-J. Reichart, and S. W. Poulton Page(s) 2603-2624 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2482 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Improved modelling of atmospheric ammonia over Denmark using the coupled modelling system DAMOS C. Geels, H. V. Andersen, C. Ambelas Skjøth, J. H. Christensen, T. Ellermann, P. Løfstrøm, S. Gyldenkærne, J. Brandt, K. M. Hansen, L. M. Frohn, and O. Hertel Page(s) 2625-2647 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 6109 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue


Multi-decadal uptake of carbon dioxide into subtropical mode water of the North Atlantic Ocean N. R. Bates Page(s) 2649-2659 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1206 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Use of geomorphic, hydrologic, and nitrogen mass balance data to model ecosystem nitrate retention in tidal freshwater wetlands E. D. Seldomridge and K. L. Prestegaard Page(s) 2661-2672 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2073 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Role of sediment denitrification in water column oxygen dynamics: comparison of the North American East and West Coasts L. Bianucci, K. Fennel, and K. L. Denman Page(s) 2673-2682 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1653 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) High-resolution mapping of forest carbon stocks in the Colombian Amazon G. P. Asner, J. K. Clark, J. Mascaro, G. A. Galindo García, K. D. Chadwick, D. A. Navarrete Encinales, G. Paez-Acosta, E. Cabrera Montenegro, T. Kennedy-Bowdoin, Á. Duque, A. Balaji, P. von Hildebrand, L. Maatoug, J. F. Phillips Bernal, A. P. Yepes Quintero, D. E. Knapp, M. C. García Dávila, J. Jacobson, and M. F. Ordóñez Page(s) 2683-2696 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 5552 KB) Supplement (539 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Effects of cyanobacterial-driven pH increases on sediment nutrient fluxes and coupled nitrification-denitrification in a shallow fresh water estuary Y. Gao, J. C. Cornwell, D. K. Stoecker, and M. S. Owens Page(s) 2697-2710 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 984 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) A high-resolution record of carbon accumulation rates during boreal peatland initiation I. F. Pendea and G. L. Chmura Page(s) 2711-2717 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 665 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) New insights on the role of organic speciation in the biogeochemical cycle of dissolved cobalt in the southeastern Atlantic and the Southern Ocean J. Bown, M. Boye, and D. M. Nelson Page(s) 2719-2736 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 4504 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Global-scale pattern of peatland Sphagnum growth driven by photosynthetically active radiation and growing season length J. Loisel, A. V. Gallego-Sala, and Z. Yu Page(s) 2737-2746 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1075 KB) Supplement (380 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) N2O emission from organic barley cultivation as affected by green manure management S. Nadeem, S. Hansen, M. Azzaroli Bleken, and P. Dörsch Page(s) 2747-2759 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 595 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue A process-based fire parameterization of intermediate complexity in a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model F. Li, X. D. Zeng, and S. Levis Page(s) 2761-2780 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2908 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) The stoichiometry of inorganic carbon and nutrient removal in the Mississippi River plume and adjacent continental shelf W.-J. Huang, W.-J. Cai, R. T. Powell, S. E. Lohrenz, Y. Wang, L.-Q. Jiang, and C. S. Hopkinson


Page(s) 2781-2792 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1892 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Sensitivity of wetland methane emissions to model assumptions: application and model testing against site observations L. Meng, P. G. M. Hess, N. M. Mahowald, J. B. Yavitt, W. J. Riley, Z. M. Subin, D. M. Lawrence, S. C. Swenson, J. Jauhiainen, and D. R. Fuka Page(s) 2793-2819 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 3861 KB) Supplement (939 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD)



Biogeosciences Volumen 9 - Nº 8 (2012)

Seasonal variability of tropical wetland CH4 emissions: the role of the methanogenavailable carbon pool A. A. Bloom, P. I. Palmer, A. Fraser, and D. S. Reay Page(s) 2821-2830 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 944 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Regional differences in modelled net production and shallow remineralization in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre B. Fernández-Castro, L. Anderson, E. Marañón, S. Neuer, B. Ausín, M. González-Dávila, J. M. Santana-Casiano, A. Cianca, R. Santana, O. LLinás, M. J. Rueda, and B. Mouriño-Carballido Page(s) 2831-2846 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1115 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Fire-derived organic carbon in soil turns over on a centennial scale N. Singh, S. Abiven, M. S. Torn, and M. W. I. Schmidt Page(s) 2847-2857 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 659 KB) Supplement (1497 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) A two-dimensional model of the passive coastal margin deep sedimentary carbon and methane cycles D. E. Archer, B. A. Buffett, and P. C. McGuire Page(s) 2859-2878 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1878 KB) Supplement (36589 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Natural events of anoxia and low respiration index in oligotrophic lakes of the Atlantic Tropical Forest H. Marotta, M. L. S. Fontes, and M. M. Petrucio Page(s) 2879-2887 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2638 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Carbon Cycle Uncertainty in REgional Carbon Cycle Assessment and Processes (RECCAP) I. G. Enting, P. J. Rayner, and P. Ciais Page(s) 2889-2904 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 438 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Distribution and origin of suspended matter and organic carbon pools in the Tana River Basin, Kenya F. Tamooh, K. Van den Meersche, F. Meysman, T. R. Marwick, A. V. Borges, R. Merckx, F. Dehairs, S. Schmidt, J. Nyunja, and S. Bouillon Page(s) 2905-2920 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 4988 KB) Supplement (173 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Reply to Nicholson's comment on "Consistent calculation of aquatic gross production from oxygen triple isotope measurements" by Kaiser (2011)


J. Kaiser and O. Abe Page(s) 2921-2933 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 590 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Observations of the uptake of carbonyl sulfide (COS) by trees under elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations L. Sandoval-Soto, M. Kesselmeier, V. Schmitt, A. Wild, and J. Kesselmeier Page(s) 2935-2945 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 484 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Mats of psychrophilic thiotrophic bacteria associated with cold seeps of the Barents Sea S. Grünke, A. Lichtschlag, D. de Beer, J. Felden, V. Salman, A. Ramette, H. N. Schulz-Vogt, and A. Boetius Page(s) 2947-2960 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 3750 KB) Supplement (61 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Fine-scale variability in methanol uptake and oxidation: from the microlayer to 1000 m J. L. Dixon and P. D. Nightingale Page(s) 2961-2972 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 974 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Response of Nodularia spumigena to pCO2– Part 1: Growth, production and nitrogen cycling N. Wannicke, S. Endres, A. Engel, H.-P. Grossart, M. Nausch, J. Unger, and M. Voss Page(s) 2973-2988 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1197 KB) Supplement (253 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Spatial and temporal variability of nitrous oxide emissions in a mixed farming landscape of Denmark K. Schelde, P. Cellier, T. Bertolini, T. Dalgaard, T. Weidinger, M. R. Theobald, and J. E. Olesen Page(s) 2989-3002 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1129 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Separating agricultural and non-agricultural fire seasonality at regional scales B. I. Magi, S. Rabin, E. Shevliakova, and S. Pacala Page(s) 3003-3012 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1856 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Predicting decadal trends and transient responses of radiocarbon storage and fluxes in a temperate forest soil C. A. Sierra, S. E. Trumbore, E. A. Davidson, S. D. Frey, K. E. Savage, and F. M. Hopkins Page(s) 3013-3028 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1937 KB) Supplement (19 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Relationships between bottom water carbonate saturation and element/Ca ratios in coretop samples of the benthic foraminifera Oridorsalis umbonatus C. F. Dawber and A. Tripati Page(s) 3029-3045 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2875 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Photoproduction of ammonium in the southeastern Beaufort Sea and its biogeochemical implications H. Xie, S. Bélanger, G. Song, R. Benner, A. Taalba, M. Blais, J.-É. Tremblay, and M. Babin Page(s) 3047-3061 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1523 KB) Supplement (237 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Corrigendum Special Issue Spatial linkages between coral proxies of terrestrial runoff across a large embayment in Madagascar C. A. Grove, J. Zinke, T. Scheufen, J. Maina, E. Epping, W. Boer, B. Randriamanantsoa, and G.-J. A. Brummer Page(s) 3063-3081


Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 3569 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Progress and challenges in using stable isotopes to trace plant carbon and water relations across scales C. Werner, H. Schnyder, M. Cuntz, C. Keitel, M. J. Zeeman, T. E. Dawson, F.-W. Badeck, E. Brugnoli, J. Ghashghaie, T. E. E. Grams, Z. E. Kayler, M. Lakatos, X. Lee, C. Máguas, J. Ogée, K. G. Rascher, R. T. W. Siegwolf, S. Unger, J. Welker, L. Wingate, and A. Gessler Page(s) 3083-3111 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 443 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Predicting photosynthesis and transpiration responses to ozone: decoupling modeled photosynthesis and stomatal conductance D. Lombardozzi, S. Levis, G. Bonan, and J. P. Sparks Page(s) 3113-3130 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 15095 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Characterization of turbulence from a fine-scale parameterization and microstructure measurements in the Mediterranean Sea during the BOUM experiment Y. Cuypers, P. Bouruet-Aubertot, C. Marec, and J.-L. Fuda Page(s) 3131-3149 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 3544 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue How will organic carbon stocks in mineral soils evolve under future climate? Global projections using RothC for a range of climate change scenarios P. Gottschalk, J.U. Smith, M. Wattenbach, J. Bellarby, E. Stehfest, N. Arnell, T. J. Osborn, C. Jones, and P. Smith Page(s) 3151-3171 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 11636 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Consistent assimilation of MERIS FAPAR and atmospheric CO2 into a terrestrial vegetation model and interactive mission benefit analysis T. Kaminski, W. Knorr, M. Scholze, N. Gobron, B. Pinty, R. Giering, and P.-P. Mathieu Page(s) 3173-3184 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2386 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue An assessment of the carbon balance of Arctic tundra: comparisons among observations, process models, and atmospheric inversions A. D. McGuire, T. R. Christensen, D. Hayes, A. Heroult, E. Euskirchen, J. S. Kimball, C. Koven, P. Lafleur, P. A. Miller, W. Oechel, P. Peylin, M. Williams, and Y. Yi Page(s) 3185-3204 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 3150 KB) Supplement (288 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Following the N2O consumption in the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern South Pacific M. Cornejo and L. Farías Page(s) 3205-3212 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 797 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Optical characterisation of suspended particles in the Mackenzie River plume (Canadian Arctic Ocean) and implications for ocean colour remote sensing D. Doxaran, J. Ehn, S. Bélanger, A. Matsuoka, S. Hooker, and M. Babin Page(s) 3213-3229 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2394 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Distributions of dissolved trace metals (Cd, Cu, Mn, Pb, Ag) in the southeastern Atlantic and the Southern Ocean M. Boye, B. D. Wake, P. Lopez Garcia, J. Bown, A. R. Baker, and E. P. Achterberg Page(s) 3231-3246 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2653 KB) Supplement (7345 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue A synthesis of carbon in international trade G. P. Peters, S. J. Davis, and R. Andrew Page(s) 3247-3276


Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 4113 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Regional analysis of groundwater nitrate concentrations and trends in Denmark in regard to agricultural influence B. Hansen, T. Dalgaard, L. Thorling, B. Sørensen, and M. Erlandsen Page(s) 3277-3286 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 18970 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Isotopic identification of nitrogen hotspots across natural terrestrial ecosystems E. Bai, B. Z. Houlton, and Y. P. Wang Page(s) 3287-3304 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 4484 KB) Supplement (59 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) The effect of atmospheric turbulence and chamber deployment period on autochamber CO2 and CH4 flux measurements in an ombrotrophic peatland D. Y. F. Lai, N. T. Roulet, E. R. Humphreys, T. R. Moore, and M. Dalva Page(s) 3305-3322 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2725 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) A two-dimensional model of the methane cycle in a sedimentary accretionary wedge D. E. Archer and B. A. Buffett Page(s) 3323-3336 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 779 KB) Supplement (24486 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Atmospheric deposition as a source of carbon and nutrients to an alpine catchment of the Colorado Rocky Mountains N. Mladenov, M. W. Williams, S. K. Schmidt, and K. Cawley Page(s) 3337-3355 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 3297 KB) Supplement (884 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) The European land and inland water CO2, CO, CH4 and N2O balance between 2001 and 2005 S. Luyssaert, G. Abril, R. Andres, D. Bastviken, V. Bellassen, P. Bergamaschi, P. Bousquet, F. Chevallier, P. Ciais, M. Corazza, R. Dechow, K.-H. Erb, G. Etiope, A. Fortems-Cheiney, G. Grassi, J. Hartmann, M. Jung, J. Lathière, A. Lohila, E. Mayorga, N. Moosdorf, D. S. Njakou, J. Otto, D. Papale, W. Peters, P. Peylin, P. Raymond, C. Rödenbeck, S. Saarnio, E.-D. Schulze, S. Szopa, R. Thompson, P. J. Verkerk, N. Vuichard, R. Wang, M. Wattenbach, and S. Zaehle Page(s) 3357-3380 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1584 KB) Supplement (796 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Tree height integrated into pantropical forest biomass estimates T. R. Feldpausch, J. Lloyd, S. L. Lewis, R. J. W. Brienen, M. Gloor, A. Monteagudo Mendoza, G. Lopez-Gonzalez, L. Banin, K. Abu Salim, K. Affum-Baffoe, M. Alexiades, S. Almeida, I. Amaral, A. Andrade, L. E. O. C. Aragão, A. Araujo Murakami, E. J. M. M. Arets, L. Arroyo, G. A. Aymard C., T. R. Baker, O. S. Bánki, N. J. Berry, N. Cardozo, J. Chave, J. A. Comiskey, E. Alvarez, A. de Oliveira, A. Di Fiore, G. Djagbletey, T. F. Domingues, T. L. Erwin, P. M. Fearnside, M. B. França, M. A. Freitas, N. Higuchi, E. Honorio C., Y. Iida, E. Jiménez, A. R. Kassim, T. J. Killeen, W. F. Laurance, J. C. Lovett, Y. Malhi, B. S. Marimon, B. H. Marimon-Junior, E. Lenza, A. R. Marshall, C. Mendoza, D. J. Metcalfe, E. T. A. Mitchard, D. A. Neill, B. W. Nelson, R. Nilus, E. M. Nogueira, A. Parada, K. S.H. Peh, A. Pena Cruz, M. C. Peñuela, N. C. A. Pitman, A. Prieto, C. A. Quesada, F. Ramírez, H. Ramírez-Angulo, J. M. Reitsma, A. Rudas, G. Saiz, R. P. Salomão, M. Schwarz, N. Silva, J. E. SilvaEspejo, M. Silveira, B. Sonké, J. Stropp, H. E. Taedoumg, S. Tan, H. ter Steege, J. Terborgh, M. Torello-Raventos, G. M. F. van der Heijden, R. Vásquez, E. Vilanova, V. A. Vos, L. White, S. Willcock, H. Woell, and O. L. Phillips Page(s) 3381-3403 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2454 KB) Supplement (206 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Organic matter exudation by Emiliania huxleyi under simulated future ocean conditions C. Borchard and A. Engel Page(s) 3405-3423 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 950 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD)


Temperature characteristics of bacterial sulfate reduction in continental shelf and slope sediments J. E. Sawicka, B. B. Jørgensen, and V. Brüchert Page(s) 3425-3435 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 863 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Global estimates of carbon stock changes in living forest biomass: EDGARv4.3 – time series from 1990 to 2010 A. M. R. Petrescu, R. Abad-Viñas, G. Janssens-Maenhout, V. N. B. Blujdea, and G. Grassi Page(s) 3437-3447 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1437 KB) Supplement (472 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Influence of changing carbonate chemistry on morphology and weight of coccoliths formed by Emiliania huxleyi L. T. Bach, C. Bauke, K. J. S. Meier, U. Riebesell, and K. G. Schulz Page(s) 3449-3463 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 799 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Partitioning of soil water among canopy trees during a soil desiccation period in a temperate mixed forest M. Meißner, M. Köhler, L. Schwendenmann, and D. Hölscher Page(s) 3465-3474 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 483 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Corrigendum to "Photoproduction of ammonium in the southeastern Beaufort Sea and its biogeochemical implications" published in Biogeosciences, 9, 3047–3061, 2012 H. Xie, S. Bélanger, G. Song, R. Benner, A. Taalba, M. Blais, V. Le Fouest, J.-É. Tremblay, and M. Babin Page(s) 3475-3475 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 220 KB) Corresponding Article Special Issue Partitioning of soil CO2 efflux in un-manipulated and experimentally flooded plots of a temperate fen S. Wunderlich and W. Borken Page(s) 3477-3489 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1217 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD)



Biogeosciences Volumen 9 - Nº 9 (2012)

Sedimentological imprint on subseafloor microbial communities in Western Mediterranean Sea Quaternary sediments M.-C. Ciobanu, M. Rabineau, L. Droz, S. Révillon, J.-F. Ghiglione, B. Dennielou, S.-J. Jorry, J. Kallmeyer, J. Etoubleau, P. Pignet, P. Crassous, O. Vandenabeele-Trambouze, J. Laugier, M. Guégan, A. Godfroy, and K. Alain Page(s) 3491-3512 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 12404 KB) Supplement (2845 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Degradation state of organic matter in surface sediments from the Southern Beaufort Sea: a lipid approach J.-F. Rontani, B. Charriere, M. Petit, F. Vaultier, H. J. Heipieper, H. Link, G. Chaillou, and R. Sempéré Page(s) 3513-3530 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1434 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Enhanced carbon overconsumption in response to increasing temperatures during a mesocosm experiment J. Taucher, K. G. Schulz, T. Dittmar, U. Sommer, A. Oschlies, and U. Riebesell Page(s) 3531-3545 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 957 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Nutrient limitation reduces land carbon uptake in simulations with a model of combined carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling D. S. Goll, V. Brovkin, B. R. Parida, C. H. Reick, J. Kattge, P. B. Reich, P. M. van Bodegom, and Ü. Niinemets Page(s) 3547-3569 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2058 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) The carbon budget of terrestrial ecosystems in East Asia over the last two decades S. L. Piao, A. Ito, S. G. Li, Y. Huang, P. Ciais, X. H. Wang, S. S. Peng, H. J. Nan, C. Zhao, A. Ahlström, R. J. Andres, F. Chevallier, J. Y. Fang, J. Hartmann, C. Huntingford, S. Jeong, S. Levis, P. E. Levy, J. S. Li, M. R. Lomas, J. F. Mao, E. Mayorga, A. Mohammat, H. Muraoka, C. H. Peng, P. Peylin, B. Poulter, Z. H. Shen, X. Shi, S. Sitch, S. Tao, H. Q. Tian, X. P. Wu, M. Xu, G. R. Yu, N. Viovy, S. Zaehle, N. Zeng, and B. Zhu Page(s) 3571-3586 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1620 KB) Supplement (108 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue Future challenges of representing land-processes in studies on land-atmosphere interactions A. Arneth, L. Mercado, J. Kattge, and B. B. B. Booth Page(s) 3587-3599 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 524 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Special Issue


Inverse method for estimating respiration rates from decay time series D. C. Forney and D. H. Rothman Page(s) 3601-3612 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 601 KB) Supplement (17 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Protein biomass quantification of unbroken individual foraminifers using nanospectrophotometry A. Movellan, R. Schiebel, M. V. Zubkov, A. Smyth, and H. Howa Page(s) 3613-3623 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 5621 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Subseafloor basalts as fungal habitats M. Ivarsson Page(s) 3625-3635 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2093 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Alaskan soil carbon stocks: spatial variability and dependence on environmental factors U. Mishra and W. J. Riley Page(s) 3637-3645 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1251 KB) Supplement (304 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) Technical Note: The effects of five different defaunation methods on biogeochemical properties of intertidal sediment T. J. Tolhurst, M. G. Chapman, A. J. Underwood, and J. J. Cruz Page(s) 3647-3661 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 452 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD) An isotopic (Δ14C, δ13C, and δ15N) investigation of the composition of particulate organic matter and zooplankton food sources in Lake Superior and across a size-gradient of aquatic systems P. K. Zigah, E. C. Minor, J. P. Werne, and S. Leigh McCallister Page(s) 3663-3678 Abstract Final Revised Paper (PDF, 558 KB) Supplement (146 KB) Discussion Paper (BGD)



Boreal Environment Research Volumen 17 - Nº 5 (2012)

Stankūnavičius, G., Basharin, D. & Pupienis, D. 2012: Relationship between Eurasian large-scale patterns and regional climate variability over the Black and Baltic Seas. Boreal Env. Res. 17: 327–346. Abstract Full text (pdf format) Tallberg, P., Räike, A., Lukkari, K., Leivuori, M., Lehtoranta, J. & Pitkänen, H. 2012: Horizontal and vertical distribution of biogenic silica in coastal and profundal sediments of the Gulf of Finland northeastern (Baltic Sea). Boreal Env. Res. 17: 347–362. Abstract Full text (pdf format) Mändla, K., Sepp, M. & Jaagus, J. 2012: Climatology of cyclones with a southern origin, and their influence on air temperature and precipitation in Estonia. Boreal Env. Res. 17: 363– 376. Abstract Full text (pdf format) Hänninen, J. & Vuorinen, I. 2012: Comparison of several climate indices as inputs in modelling of the Baltic Sea runoff. Boreal Env. Res. 17: 377–384. Abstract Full text (pdf format) Hellén, H., Leck, C., Paatero, J., Virkkula, A. & Hakola, H. 2012: Summer concentrations of NMHCs in ambient air of the Arctic and Antarctic. Boreal Env. Res. 17: 385–397. Abstract Full text (pdf format) Keskinen, T., Lilja, J., Högmander, P., Holmes, J. A., Karjalainen, J. & Marjomäki, T. J. 2012: Collapse and recovery of the European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) population in a small boreal lake — an early warning of the consequences of climate change. Boreal Env. Res. 17: 398–410. Abstract Full text (pdf format)



Ecology and Society Volumen 17 – Nº 3 (2012)

Special feature manuscripts are accompanied by a link (sf) which may be clicked to view the full table of contents for that Special Feature. Guest Editorial (sf) Mental Models in Human–Environment Interactions: Theory, Policy Implications, and Methodological Explorations Timothy Lynam and Katrina Brown HTML Download Citation Research Using Private Rights to Manage Natural Resources: Is Stewardship Linked to Ownership? Patrick W Gilmour, Robert W Day, and Peter D Dwyer HTML Download Citation (sf) Spatial Fit, from Panacea to Practice: Implementing the EU Water Framework Directive Timothy Moss HTML Download Citation Building ties: social capital network analysis of a forest community in a biosphere reserve in Chiapas, Mexico Luis Rico García-Amado, Manuel Ruiz Pérez, Irene Iniesta-Arandia, Guillaume Dahringer, Felipe Reyes, and Sara Barrasa HTML Download Citation Mammal Distribution in Nunavut: Inuit Harvest Data and COSEWIC’s Species at Risk Assessment Process Karen A. Kowalchuk and Richard G. Kuhn HTML Download Citation (sf) Community Resilience and Oil Spills in Coastal Louisiana Craig E Colten, Jenny Hay, and Alexandra Giancarlo


HTML Download Citation Collaborative Engagement of Local and Traditional Knowledge and Science in Marine Environments: A Review Thomas F Thornton and Adela Maciejewski Scheer HTML Download Citation (sf) Progress Toward Sustainable Mussel Aquaculture in Mar Piccolo, Italy Carmela Caroppo, Laura Giordano, Nadia Palmieri, Giovanna Bellio, Antonio Paride Bisci, Giuseppe Portacci, Patricia Sclafani, and Tom Sawyer Hopkins HTML Download Citation Adaptive Comanagement: a Systematic Review and Analysis Ryan Plummer, Beatrice Crona, Derek R Armitage, Per Olsson, Maria Tengö, and Olga Yudina HTML Download Citation Water Management on the Island of IJsselmonde 1000 to 1953: Polycentric Governance, Adaptation, and Petrification Erik Mostert HTML Download Citation (sf) Monkey Management: Using Spatial Ecology to Understand the Extent and Severity of Human– Baboon Conflict in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa Tali S Hoffman and M Justin O'Riain HTML Download Citation The Identification of Potential Resilient Estuary-based Enterprises to Encourage Economic Empowerment in South Africa: a Toolkit Approach Rebecca Bowd, Nevil Quinn, Donovan C Kotze, Duncan G Hay, and Myles Mander HTML Download Citation (sf) Mussels and Yachts in Loch Fyne, Scotland: a Case Study of the Science-Policy Interface Paul Tett, Branka Valcic, Tavis Potts, Callum Whyte, Fiona Culhane, and Teresa Fernandes HTML Download Citation (sf) Rural Social Movements and Agroecology: Context, Theory, and Process Peter M Rosset and Maria Elena Martínez-Torres


HTML Download Citation Tending for Cattle: Traditional Fire Management in Ethiopian Montane Heathlands Maria U Johansson, Masresha Fetene, Anders Malmer, and Anders Granström HTML Download Citation (sf) Food-Carbon Trade-offs between Agriculture and Reforestation Land Uses under Alternate Marketbased Policies Stacey Paterson and Brett Anthony Bryan HTML Download Citation Synergies, Trade-offs, and Losses of Ecosystem Services in Urban Regions: an Integrated Multiscale Framework Applied to the Leipzig-Halle Region, Germany Dagmar Haase, Nina Schwarz, Michael Strohbach, Franziska Kroll, and Ralf Seppelt HTML Download Citation (sf) Waypoints on a Journey of Discovery: Mental Models in Human-Environment Interactions Timothy Lynam, Raphael Mathevet, Michel Etienne, Samantha Stone-Jovicich, Anne Leitch, Nathalie Jones, Helen Ross, Derick Du Toit, Sharon Pollard, Harry Biggs, and Pascal Perez HTML Download Citation Assessing the Sustainability of Small Farmer Natural Resource Management Systems. A Critical Analysis of the MESMIS Program (1995-2010) Marta Astier, Luis García-Barrios, Yankuic Galván-Miyoshi, Carlos E González-Esquivel, and Omar R Masera HTML Download Citation (sf) Insights and Opportunities Offered by a Rapid Ecosystem Service Assessment in Promoting a Conservation Agenda in an Urban Biodiversity Hotspot Patrick J O’Farrell, Pippin M. L. Anderson, David C Le Maitre, and Patricia M Holmes HTML Download Citation (sf) Panarchy and the Law J. B. Ruhl HTML Download Citation (sf)


Comanagement at the Fringes: Examining Stakeholder Perspectives at Macassar Dunes, Cape Town, South Africa—at the Intersection of High Biodiversity, Urban Poverty, and Inequality M. Graham and H. Ernstson HTML Download Citation (sf) Environmental and Management Constraints on Tourism in Varna Bay, Bulgarian Black Sea Coast Snejana Moncheva, Eleonora Racheva, Lyudmila Kamburska, and Johanna D'Hernoncourt HTML Download Citation Baltic Herring Fisheries Management: Stakeholder Views to Frame the Problem Päivi Haapasaari, Samu Mäntyniemi, and Sakari Kuikka HTML Download Citation Insight Social Resilience and Commercial Fishers’ Responses to Management Changes in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Stephen G Sutton and Renae C Tobin HTML Download Citation (sf) Environmental Governance as Stochastic Belief Updating: Crafting Rules to Live by Daniel W. Bromley HTML Download Citation (sf) Exploring Panarchy in Alpine Grasslands: an Application of Adaptive Cycle Concepts to the Conservation of a Cultural Landscape Ian D. Soane, Rocco Scolozzi, Alessandro Gretter, and Klaus Hubacek HTML Download Citation Adaptation or Manipulation? Unpacking Climate Change Response Strategies Dana C Thomsen, Timothy F Smith, and Noni Keys HTML Download Citation (sf) Community Adaptation to the Hebei-Spirit Oil Spill So-Min Cheong HTML Download Citation (sf)


An Ecological View of the History of the City of Cape Town Pippin M. L. Anderson and Patrick J O’Farrell HTML Download Citation Adaptive Management Fitness of Watersheds Ignacio Porzecanski, Lynn V. Saunders, and Mark T. Brown HTML Download Citation (sf) Urban Ecology in Cape Town: South African Comparisons and Reflections Sarel S Cilliers and Stefan J Siebert HTML Download Citation Synthesis (sf) Forests as Patrimonies? From Theory to Tangible Processes at Various Scales Genevieve Michon, Bruno Romagny, Laurent Auclair, and Marc Deconchat HTML Download Citation Avoiding Environmental Catastrophes: Varieties of Principled Precaution Alan R Johnson HTML Download Citation Drivers, "Slow" Variables, "Fast" Variables, Shocks, and Resilience Brian H Walker, Stephen R Carpenter, Johan Rockstrom, Anne-Sophie Crépin, and Garry D Peterson HTML Download Citation (sf) Agents, Individuals, and Networks: Modeling Methods to Inform Natural Resource Management in Regional Landscapes Lael Parrott, Clément Chion, Rodolphe Gonzalès, and Guillaume Latombe HTML Download Citation



Endangered Species Research Volumen 18 – Nº 1 (2012)

Best BD, Halpin PN, Read AJ, Fujioka E, Good CP, LaBrecque EA, Schick RS, Roberts JJ, Hazen LJ, Qian SS, Palka DL, Garrison LP, McLellan WA Online cetacean habitat modeling system for the US east coast and Gulf of Mexico ESR 18:1-15 | Full text in pdf format Theme Section: Beyond marine mammal habitat modeling: applications for ecology and conservation White PB, van de Gevel SL, Soulé PT Succession and disturbance in an endangered red spruce−Fraser fir forest in the southern Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina, USA ESR 18:17-25 | Full text in pdf format van de Merwe JP, West EJ, Ibrahim K Effects of off-road vehicle tyre ruts on the beach dispersal of green sea turtle Chelonia mydas hatchlings ESR 18:27-34 | Full text in pdf format Chaieb O, Elouaer A, Maffucci F, Karaa S, Bradai MN, ElHili H, Bentivegna F, Said K, Chatti N Population structure and dispersal patterns of loggerhead sea turtles Caretta caretta in Tunisian coastal waters, central Mediterranean ESR 18:35-45 | Full text in pdf format Baird RW, Hanson MB, Schorr GS, Webster DL, McSweeney DJ, Gorgone AM, Mahaffy SD, Holzer DM, Oleson EM, Andrews RD Range and primary habitats of Hawaiian insular false killer whales: informing determination of critical habitat ESR 18:47-61 | Full text in pdf format Johnston DW, Friedlaender AS, Read AJ, Nowacek DP Initial density estimates of humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae in the inshore waters of the western Antarctic Peninsula during the late autumn ESR 18:63-71 | Full text in pdf format


Keller CA, Garrison L, Baumstark R, Ward-Geiger LI, Hines E Application of a habitat model to define calving habitat of the North Atlantic right whale in the southeastern United States ESR 18:73-87 | Full text in pdf format Theme Section: Beyond marine mammal habitat modeling: applications for ecology and conservation NOTE Crain BJ, Tremblay RL Update on the distribution of Lepanthes caritensis, a rare Puerto Rican endemic orchid ESR 18:89-94 | Full text in pdf format



Endangered Species Research Volumen 18 – Nº 2 (2012)

Stafford KM, Moore SE, Berchok CL, Wiig Ø, Lydersen C, Hansen E, Kalmbach D, Kovacs KM Spitsbergen’s endangered bowhead whales sing through the polar night ESR 18:95-103 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format Kinahan AA, Bunnefeld N Effectiveness and cost efficiency of monitoring mountain nyala in Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia ESR 18:105-114 | Full text in pdf format Ramírez-Macías D, Vázquez-Haikin A, Vázquez-Juárez R Whale shark Rhincodon typus populations along the west coast of the Gulf of California and implications for management ESR 18:115-128 | Full text in pdf format Castelblanco-Martínez DN, Nourisson C, Quintana-Rizzo E, Padilla-Saldivar J, Schmitter-Soto JJ Potential effects of human pressure and habitat fragmentation on population viability of the Antillean manatee Trichechus manatus manatus: a predictive model ESR 18:129-145 | Full text in pdf format Pendleton DE, Sullivan PJ, Brown MW, Cole TVN, Good CP, Mayo CA, Monger BC, Phillips S, Record NR, Pershing AJ Weekly predictions of North Atlantic right whale Eubalaena glacialis habitat reveal influence of prey abundance and seasonality of habitat preferences ESR 18:147-161 | Full text in pdf format Theme Section: Beyond marine mammal habitat modeling: applications for ecology and conservation LeDuc RG, Taylor BL, Martien KK, Robertson KM, Pitman RL, Salinas JC, Burdin AM, Kennedy AS, Wade PR, Clapham PJ, Brownell RL Jr NOTE: Genetic analysis of right whales in the eastern North Pacific confirms severe extirpation risk ESR 18:163-167 | Full text in pdf format


Ebrahimi M, Bull CM Food supplementation reduces post-release dispersal during simulated translocation of the Endangered pygmy bluetongue lizard Tiliqua adelaidensis ESR 18:169-178 | Full text in pdf format Rioux È, Lesage V, Postma L, Pelletier É, Turgeon J, Stewart REA, Stern G, Hammill MO Use of stable isotopes and trace elements to determine harvest composition and wintering assemblages of belugas at a contemporary ecological scale ESR 18:179-191 | Full text in pdf format



Endangered Species Research Volumen 18 – Nº 3 (2012)

Weller DW, Klimek A, Bradford AL, Calambokidis J, Lang AR, Gisborne B, Burdin AM, Szaniszlo W, Urbán J, Gomez-Gallardo Unzueta A, Swartz S, Brownell RL Jr Movements of gray whales between the western and eastern North Pacific ESR 18:193-199 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format

Ivashchenko YV, Clapham PJ Soviet catches of right whales Eubalaena japonica and bowhead whales Balaena mysticetus in the North Pacific Ocean and the Okhotsk Sea ESR 18:201-217 | Full text in pdf format



Fire Ecology Volumen 8 - Nº 2 (2012)

Fire: Its Influence on Biotic Communities and Physical Factors in South and East Africa, with an introduction by Brian W. van Wilgen

Author: John F.V. Phillips Pages: 1-16 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802001 John Frederick Vicars Phillips (1899-1987) was a pioneer ecologist in Africa, and the first to conduct a serious scientific examination of the phenomenon of fire on the continent. Born in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, he obtained a bursary to study at Edinburgh University, where he was awarded a degree in forestry and botany. On his return to South Africa, he initiated innovative research into the ecology of indigenous forests, and his outstanding work on forest succession in the Knysna region of the Western Cape, South Africa, led to the award of a Doctor of Science degree from Edinburgh University in 1927. [Read more]

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Research Articles Post-Fire Effects in Wetland Environments: Landscape Assessment of Plant Coverage and Soil Recovery in the Parana River Delta Marshes, Argentina

Authors: Mercedes Salvia, Dario Ceballos, Francisco Grings, Haydee Karszenbaum, and Patricia Kandus

Pages: 17-37 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802017 During 2008, under a region-wide drought, there were a large number of simultaneous fires in the Paraná River Delta region: the most affected vegetation was in marshes dominated by Schoenoplectus californicus (C.A.Mey.) Soják or Cyperus giganteus Vahl. The objective of this paper was to study fire severity in terms of fire effect on vegetation cover and soil properties, and the recovery of those properties after one growing season, using optical remote sensing techniques and fieldwork data. [Read more]

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Spatial Variation in Postfire Cheatgrass: Dinosaur National Monument, USA

Authors: Kirk R. Sherrill and William H. Romme Pages: 38-56 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802038 A major environmental problem in semi-arid landscapes of western North America is the invasion of native vegetation by cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum L.), an annual Eurasian grass that covers >40 million ha of range and woodland in the western US. Cheatgrass can be especially problematic after fire—either prescribed fire or wildfire. Although cheatgrass is known to generally thrive in regions of moderate temperatures, dry summers, and reliable winter precipitation, the spatial patterns of postfire cheatgrass invasion are not well characterized at finer spatial scales (e.g., within most individual landscapes). [Read more]

View: HTML | PDF Characteristics of Information Available on Fire and Invasive Plants in the Eastern United States

Authors: Corey L. Gucker, Kris Zouhar, Jane Kapler Smith, and Katharine R. Stone Pages: 57-81 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802057 Wildland managers need detailed information about the responses of invasive species to fire and the conditions that increase site invasibility in order to effectively manage fire without introducing or increasing populations of invasive plants. Literature reviews and syntheses of original research are important sources of this information, but the usefulness of a review is limited by the quantity, quality, and geographic coverage of information available when it is written. [Read more]

View: HTML | PDF Characterizing Fire-on-Fire Interactions in Three Large Wilderness Areas

Authors: Casey C. Teske, Carl A. Seielstad, and LLoyd P. Queen Pages: 82-106 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802082 The interaction of fires, where one fire burns into another recently burned area, is receiving increased attention from scientists and land managers wishing to describe the role of fire scars in affecting landscape pattern and future fire spread. Here, we quantify fire-on-fire interactions in terms of frequency, size, and time-since-previous fire (TSPF) in three large wilderness areas in Montana and Idaho, USA, from 1984 to present, using spatially consistent large fire perimeter data from the Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) dataset. [Read more]

View: HTML | PDF Seed Viability and Fire-Related Temperature Treatments in Serotinous California Native Hesperocyparis Species

Authors: Kate L. Milich, John D. Stuart, J. Morgan Varner III, and Kyle E. Merriam Pages: 107-124 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802107 31

Fire-prone serotinous California Hesperocyparis L. (cypress) have been experiencing low seedling recruitment, underscoring our need to better understand these species’ responses to fire. We investigated the specific heating conditions required to break cone serotiny and to promote seed dispersal by focusing on five Hesperocyparis species of interior California: Hesperocyparis nevadensis (Abrams) Bartel, Paiute cypress; H. bakeri (Jeps.) Bartel, Baker cypress (also known as Modoc cypress); H. forbesii Jeps. Bartel, tecate cypress; H. macnabiana (A. Murray bis) Bartel, McNab’s cypress; and H. sargentii (Jeps.) Bartel (Sargent’s cypress). [Read more]

View: HTML | PDF Quantifying the Threat of Unsuppressed Wildfires Reaching the Adjacent Wildland-Urban Interface on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, USA

Authors: Joe H. Scott, Donald J. Helmbrecht, Sean A. Parks, and Carol Miller Pages: 125-142 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802125 An important objective for many federal land management agencies is to restore fire to ecosystems that have experienced fire suppression or exclusion over the last century. Managing wildfires for resource objectives (i.e., allowing wildfires to burn in the absence of suppression) is an important tool for restoring such fire-adapted ecosystems. To support management decisions that allow wildfires to burn unsuppressed, land managers need a quantitative assessment of the potential for such wildfires to reach nearby fire-susceptible resources and assets. [Read more]

View: HTML | PDF Post-Fire Soil Water Repellency, Hydrologic Response, and Sediment Yield Compared Between Grass-Converted and Chaparral Watersheds

Authors: Ken R. Hubbert, Pete M. Wohlgemuth, Jan L. Beyers, Marcia G. Narog, and Ross Gerrard Pages: 143-162 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802143 In 2002, the Williams Fire burned >90 % of the San Dimas Experimental Forest, providing an opportunity to investigate differences in soil water repellency, peak discharge, and sediment yield between grass-converted and chaparral watersheds. Post-fire water repellency and moisture content were measured in the winter and summer for four years. Peak discharge was determined using trapezoidal flumes with automated stage-height recorders. [Read more]

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Short Communication Fire History in California's Southern Sierra Nevada Blue Oak Woodlands

Authors: Richard B. Standiford, Ralph L. Phillips, and Neil K. McDougald Pages: 163-167 DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0802163 Fire history for blue oak (Quercus douglasii Hook. & Arn.) woodlands in California’s southern Sierra Nevada range was characterized with samples of 49 trees. Mean fire interval was 12.8 years from 1850 to 1965, with apparent fire exclusion since that time. Changes in fire 32

frequency could affect oak woodland ecosystem processes such as recruitment, tree growth and mortality, and vegetation composition [Read more]

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[email protected] Volumen 9 (2012)

Últimos artículos Borghetti M New Basic principles, mosaic of knowledges and adaptive silviculture Commentaries & Perspectives (online: 23 Luglio 2012) Marchetti M et al. New Changes of forest coverage and land uses as assessed by the inventory of land uses in Italy Research Articles (online: 23 Luglio 2012) Tellini Florenzano G et al. New Bird diversity in Turkey oak (Quercus cerris) coppices and transitory stands in the northern Apennines Research Articles (online: 23 Luglio 2012) Marcantonio M et al. New Plant biodiversity of beech forests in central-northern Italy: a methodological approach for conservation purposes Research Articles (online: 23 Luglio 2012) Batzella MC et al. Vegetation map and evaluation of the naturalness of the Ogliastra territory (province of Ogliastra, Italy) Research Articles (online: 26 Giugno 2012) Lovreglio R et al. Forest fire motives in Italy: preliminary results of a pilot survey in the most fire-affected Provinces Research Articles (online: 26 Giugno 2012) Argenti G et al. Assessment of pastoral resources at a landscape scale: a case study in the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna (AR, Italy) Research Articles (online: 26 Giugno 2012) Giorcelli A et al. Direct and indirect effects of chemical treatment against poplar rust attacks 34

Research Articles (online: 26 Giugno 2012) Amici V et al. Application of a niche-based model for forest cover classification Research Articles (online: 7 Maggio 2012) Gonthier P et al. Tree health monitoring: perspectives from the visible and near infrared remote sensing Review Papers (online: 7 Maggio 2012) Fiorucci E Test and arbitration ruling in the cutting of town councils’ woodland property under the forestry administration of some Regions Commentaries & Perspectives (online: 7 Maggio 2012) Bertini G et al. Tree biomass and deadwood density into aged holm oak (Sardinia) and beech coppices (Tuscany) Research Articles (online: 7 Maggio 2012) Perugini L et al. Durban Climate Conference: new perspectives on forests Short Communications (online: 28 Febbraio 2012) Bagnato S et al. Basic knowledge for forest restoration: the Pomieri forest case study (Madonie regional park, Sicily) Research Articles (online: 28 Febbraio 2012) Ascoli D et al. Prescribed burning experiences in Italy: an integrated approach to prevent forest wildfires Research Articles (online: 28 Febbraio 2012)



Volumen 3 - Nº 3 (2012)

Kathleen McGinley, Raquel Alvarado, Frederick Cubbage, Diana Diaz, Pablo J. Donoso, Laércio Antônio Gonçalves Jacovine, Fabiano Luiz de Silva, Charles MacIntyre and Elizabeth Monges Zalazar Article:Regulating the Sustainability of Forest Management in the Americas: Cross-Country Comparisons of Forest Legislation Forests 2012, 3(3), 467-505; doi:10.3390/f3030467 Received: 9 May 2012; in revised form: 12 June 2012 / Accepted: 18 June 2012 / Published: 6 July 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (225 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Mark A. Gathany and Ingrid C. Burke Article:DAYCENT Simulations to Test the Influence of Fire Regime and Fire Suppression on Trace Gas Fluxes and Nitrogen Biogeochemistry of Colorado Forests Forests 2012, 3(3), 506-527; doi:10.3390/f3030506 Received: 3 May 2012; in revised form: 6 June 2012 / Accepted: 9 July 2012 / Published: 24 July 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (444 KB) | Download XML Full-text (This article belongs to the Special Issue Long-Term Effects of Fire on Forest Soils)

Tord Johansson and Birger Hjelm Article:The Sprouting Capacity of 8–21-Year-Old Poplars and Some Practical Implications Forests 2012, 3(3), 528-545; doi:10.3390/f3030528 Received: 31 May 2012; in revised form: 5 July 2012 / Accepted: 6 July 2012 / Published: 24 July 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (675 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Jan Börner and Sven Wunder Article:The Scope for Reducing Emissions from Forestry and Agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon


Forests 2012, 3(3), 546-572; doi:10.3390/f3030546 Received: 2 April 2012; in revised form: 4 July 2012 / Accepted: 4 July 2012 / Published: 27 July 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (411 KB) | Download XML Full-text (This article belongs to the Special Issue The Role of Forests for Carbon Capture and Storage)

Hsiao-Hsuan Wang, Carissa L. Wonkka, William E. Grant and William E. Rogers Article:Potential Range Expansion of Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica Thunb.) in Southern U.S. Forestlands Forests 2012, 3(3), 573-590; doi:10.3390/f3030573 Received: 11 June 2012; in revised form: 25 June 2012 / Accepted: 20 July 2012 / Published: 27 July 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (373 KB) | Download XML Full-text (This article belongs to the Special Issue Exotic and Invasive Plant Species Impacting Forests)

Martin Lavoie, Michelle C. Mack, John K. Hiers and Scott Pokswinski Article:The Effect of Restoration Treatments on the Spatial Variability of Soil Processes under Longleaf Pine Trees Forests 2012, 3(3), 591-604; doi:10.3390/f3030591 Received: 2 May 2012; in revised form: 10 July 2012 / Accepted: 25 July 2012 / Published: 3 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (295 KB) | Download XML Full-text | (This article belongs to the Special Issue Long-Term Effects of Fire on Forest Soils)

Lindsey M. Shartell, Linda M. Nagel and Andrew J. Storer


Article:Efficacy of Treatments against Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) and Effects on Forest Understory Plant Diversity Forests 2012, 3(3), 605-613; doi:10.3390/f3030605 Received: 1 June 2012; in revised form: 17 July 2012 / Accepted: 19 July 2012 / Published: 3 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (173 KB) | Download XML Full-text (This article belongs to the Special Issue Exotic and Invasive Plant Species Impacting Forests)

Zhaofei Fan, Xiuli Fan, Michael K. Crosby, W. Keith Moser, Hong He, Martin A. Spetich and Stephen R. Shifley Article:Spatio-Temporal Trends of Oak Decline and Mortality under Periodic Regional Drought in the Ozark Highlands of Arkansas and Missouri Forests 2012, 3(3), 614-631; doi:10.3390/f3030614 Received: 19 June 2012; in revised form: 14 July 2012 / Accepted: 19 July 2012 / Published: 6 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (1691 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Kier D. Klepzig, Michael L. Ferro, Michael D. Ulyshen, Matthew L. Gimmel, Jolie B. Mahfouz, Allan E. Tiarks and Chris E. Carlton Article:Effects of Small-Scale Dead Wood Additions on Beetles in Southeastern U.S. Pine Forests Forests 2012, 3(3), 632-652; doi:10.3390/f3030632 Received: 19 June 2012; in revised form: 14 July 2012 / Accepted: 25 July 2012 / Published: 15 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (253 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Fabiano de Aquino Ximenes, Brendan H. George, Annette Cowie, Justin Williams and Georgina Kelly Article:Greenhouse Gas Balance of Native Forests in New South Wales, Australia Forests 2012, 3(3), 653-683; doi:10.3390/f3030653 Received: 21 May 2012; in revised form: 31 May 2012 / Accepted: 7 August 2012 / Published: 17 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (947 KB) | Download XML Full-text (This article belongs to the Special Issue The Role of Forests for Carbon Capture and Storage)

Lisa J. Samuelson and Tom A. Stokes Article:Leaf Physiological and Morphological Responses to Shade in Grass-Stage Seedlings and Young Trees of Longleaf Pine


Forests 2012, 3(3), 684-699; doi:10.3390/f3030684 Received: 14 June 2012; in revised form: 21 July 2012 / Accepted: 10 August 2012 / Published: 20 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (250 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Lindsay A. Chiono, Kevin L. O’Hara, Michael J. De Lasaux, Glenn A. Nader and Scott L. Stephens Article:Development of Vegetation and Surface Fuels Following Fire Hazard Reduction Treatment Forests 2012, 3(3), 700-722; doi:10.3390/f3030700 Received: 5 July 2012; in revised form: 7 August 2012 / Accepted: 7 August 2012 / Published: 20 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (1020 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Tord Johansson Article:Site Index Curves for Young Hybrid Larch Growing on Former Farmland in Sweden Forests 2012, 3(3), 723-735; doi:10.3390/f3030723 Received: 7 May 2012; in revised form: 27 June 2012 / Accepted: 13 August 2012 / Published: 21 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (1382 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Ragnar Jonsson, Werner Mbongo, Adam Felton and Mattias Boman Article:Leakage Implications for European Timber Markets from Reducing Deforestation in Developing Countries Forests 2012, 3(3), 736-744; doi:10.3390/f3030736 Received: 4 July 2012; in revised form: 9 August 2012 / Accepted: 14 August 2012 / Published: 27 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (193 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Robert E. Loeb Article:Arboricultural Introductions and Long-Term Changes for Invasive Woody Plants in Remnant Urban Forests Forests 2012, 3(3), 745-763; doi:10.3390/f3030745 Received: 2 July 2012; in revised form: 14 August 2012 / Accepted: 15 August 2012 / Published: 27 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (219 KB) | Download XML Full-text (This article belongs to the Special Issue Exotic and Invasive Plant Species Impacting Forests)


Andrea E. Izquierdo and Matthew L. Clark Article:Spatial Analysis of Conservation Priorities Based on Ecosystem Services in the Atlantic Forest Region of Misiones, Argentina Forests 2012, 3(3), 764-786; doi:10.3390/f3030764 Received: 11 June 2012; in revised form: 31 July 2012 / Accepted: 13 August 2012 / Published: 27 August 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (6124 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Gary Kerr and Hamish Mackintosh Article:Long-Term Survival of Saplings during the Transformation to Continuous Cover Forests 2012, 3(3), 787-798; doi:10.3390/f3030787 Received: 27 June 2012; in revised form: 22 August 2012 / Accepted: 23 August 2012 / Published: 7 September 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (365 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Dawn Lemke and Jennifer A. Brown Article:Habitat Modeling of Alien Plant Species at Varying Levels of Occupancy Forests 2012, 3(3), 799-817; doi:10.3390/f3030799 Received: 17 May 2012; in revised form: 21 August 2012 / Accepted: 24 August 2012 / Published: 7 September 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (589 KB) | Download XML Full-text (This article belongs to the Special Issue Exotic and Invasive Plant Species Impacting Forests)

Peter N. Beets, Mark O. Kimberley, Graeme R. Oliver, Stephen H. Pearce, J. Doug Graham and Andrea Brandon Article:Allometric Equations for Estimating Carbon Stocks in Natural Forest in New Zealand Forests 2012, 3(3), 818-839; doi:10.3390/f3030818 Received: 18 June 2012; in revised form: 23 August 2012 / Accepted: 24 August 2012 / Published: 10 September 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (289 KB) | Download XML Full-text |

Stephanie J. Hayes and Eric J. Holzmueller Review:Relationship between Invasive Plant Species and Forest Fauna in Eastern North America


Forests 2012, 3(3), 840-852; doi:10.3390/f3030840 Received: 29 June 2012; in revised form: 24 August 2012 / Accepted: 24 August 2012 / Published: 12 September 2012 Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (199 KB) | Download XML Full-text (This article belongs to the Special Issue Exotic and Invasive Plant Species Impacting Forests)



i Forest Biogeosciences and Forestry Volumen 5 (2012)

Research Articles (17) Paying for water-related forest services: a survey on Italian payment mechanisms Pettenella D, Vidale E, Gatto P, Secco L :: pp. 210 :: Online: Aug 12, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0626-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Single-tree influence on understorey vegetation in five Chinese subtropical forests Liu HY, Halvorsen R :: pp. 179-187 :: Online: Aug 02, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0623-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Comparative water balance study of forest and fallow plots Móricz N, Mátyás C, Berki I, Rasztovits E, Vekerdy Z, Gribovszki Z :: pp. 188-196 :: Online: Aug 02, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0624-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Land use inventory as framework for environmental accounting: an application in Italy Corona P, Barbati A, Tomao A, Bertani R, Valentini R, Marchetti M, Fattorini L, Perugini L :: pp. 204-209 :: Online: Aug 12, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0625-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Post-fire effects and short-term regeneration dynamics following high-severity crown fires in a Mediterranean forest Marzano R, Lingua E, Garbarino M :: pp. 93-100 :: Online: May 30, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0612-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Importance of residual trees to birds in regenerating pine plantations Hanberry B, Hanberry P, Demarais S, Jones J :: pp. 108-112 :: Online: Jun 05, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0616-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Early flowering and genetic containment studies in transgenic poplar Hoenicka H, Lehnhardt D, Polak O, Fladung M :: pp. 138-146 :: Online: Jun 13, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0621-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Ambient ozone phytotoxic potential over the Czech forests as assessed by AOT40 Hunová I, Schreiberová M :: pp. 153-162 :: Online: Jun 25, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0617-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Combining demographic and land-use dynamics with local communities perceptions for analyzing socio-ecological systems: a case study in a mountain area of Italy Pisanelli A, Chiocchini F, Cherubini L, Lauteri M :: pp. 163-170 :: Online: Jun 25, 2012


[doi: 10.3832/efor0615-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Use of BIOME-BGC to simulate water and carbon fluxes within Mediterranean macchia Chiesi M, Chirici G, Corona P, Duce P, Salvati R, Spano D, Vaccari FP, Maselli F :: pp. 38-43 :: Online: Apr 02, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0605-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Alterations on flow variability due to converting hardwood forests to pine Serengil Y, Swank WT, Vose JM :: pp. 44-49 :: Online: Apr 02, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0609-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Case study of a new method for the classification and analysis of Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu damage to young chestnut sprouts Maltoni A, Mariotti B, Tani A :: pp. 50-59 :: Online: Apr 10, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0598-008] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Use of multi-criteria analysis (MCA) for supporting community forest management Khadka C, Vacik H :: pp. 60-71 :: Online: Apr 12, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0608-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Distribution of the major forest tree species in Turkey within spatially interpolated plant heat and hardiness zone maps Yilmaz OY, Tolunay D :: pp. 83-92 :: Online: Apr 30, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0611-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Woody species recruitment under monospecific plantations of pioneer trees - facilitation or inhibition? Trindade DFV, Coelho GC :: pp. 1-5 :: Online: Feb 06, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0601-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation First results on early post-fire succession in an Abies cephalonica forest (Parnitha National Park, Greece) Ganatsas P, Daskalakou E, Paitaridou D :: pp. 6-12 :: Online: Feb 06, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0600-008] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Experimenting the design-based k-NN approach for mapping and estimation under forest management planning Mattioli W, Quatrini V, Di Paolo S, Di Santo D, Giuliarelli D, Angelini A, Portoghesi P, Corona P :: pp. 26-30 :: Online: Feb 27, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0604-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Application of indicators network analysis to support local forest management plan development: a case study in Molise, Italy Santopuoli G, Requardt A, Marchetti M :: pp. 31-37 :: Online: Feb 27, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0603-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation

Short Communications (3) Assessing the scientific productivity of Italian forest researchers using the Web of Science, SCOPUS and SCIMAGO databases Chirici G :: pp. 101-107 :: Online: May 30, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0613-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation


Next generation biotechnology: how sophisticated constructs lead to further insights and new approaches towards biotechnology’s demands Hinze A, Becker D :: pp. 131-137 :: Online: Jun 13, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0620-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Towards an optimal sampling effort for paternity analysis in forest trees: what do the raw numbers tell us? Leonarduzzi C, Leonardi S, Menozzi P, Piotti A :: pp. 18-25 :: Online: Feb 27, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0606-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation

Technical Reports (3) Comparison of fire danger indices in the Mediterranean for present day conditions Giannakopoulos C, LeSager P, Moriondo M, Bindi M, Karali A, Hatzaki M, Kostopoulou E :: pp. 197-203 :: Online: Aug 02, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0622-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Qualitative evaluation and optimization of forest road network to minimize total costs and environmental impacts Hayati E, Majnounian B, Abdi E :: pp. 121-125 :: Online: Jun 05, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0610-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Deforestation, land conversion and illegal logging in Bangladesh: the case of the Sal (Shorea robusta) forests Islam K, Sato N :: pp. 171-178 :: Online: Jun 25, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0578-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation

Technical Advances (2) Gene flow in poplar - experiments, analysis and modeling to prevent transgene outcrossing Bialozyt R :: pp. 147-152 :: Online: Jun 13, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0618-005] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation Forest planning and public participation: a possible methodological approach Cantiani MG :: pp. 72-82 :: Online: Apr 12, 2012 [doi: 10.3832/ifor0602-009] Abstract & InfoFull TextPDF VersionDownload Citation



MCFNS Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences

Volumen 4 – Nº 1 (2012) Table of Contents Obituaries In Memory of René Marek Cieszewski Chris J Cieszewski


Pages: 1-1 (1)

Mathematical Modeling Tree Shape and Branch Structure: Mathematical Models

Dick F Yeatts


Pages: 2-15 (14)

Operations Research and Decision Support Systems Optimal Parameter Settings for Solving Harvest Scheduling Models with Adjacency Constraints

Phillip J. Manning, Marc E. McDill A Strengthening Procedure for the Path Formulation of the AreaBased Adjacency Problem in Harvest Scheduling Models

Sándor F. Tóth, Marc E. McDill, Nora Konnyu, Sonney George


Pages: 16-26 (11) PDF

Pages: 27-49 (23)

GIS and Remote Sensing Comparing K Nearest Neighbours Methods and Linear Regression – Is There Reason To Select One Over the Other?

Arto Haara, Annika Kangas


Pages: 50-65 (16)



Volumen 36 – Nº 3 (2012) Vegetative propagation of angico-vermelho Anadenanthera macrocarpa (Benth) Brenan) half-sibs by mini-cuttings Dias, Poliana Coqueiro; Xavier, Aloisio; Oliveira, Leandro Silva de; Paiva, Haroldo Nogueira de; Correia, Anne Caroline Guieiro

• abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Genetic variability of Genipa americana L. belonging to the lower course of São Francisco river Rabbani, Allívia Rouse Carregosa; Silva-Mann, Renata; Ferreira, Robério Anastácio • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Phenology of four caatinga species under continuous grazing Parente, Henrique Nunes; Andrade, Alberício Pereira de; Silva, Divan Soares da; Santos, Edson Mauro; Araujo, Kallianna Dantas; Parente, Michelle de Oliveira Maia • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Density and floristic composition of the semideciduous seasonal forest stretch seed bank, located in the campus of Viçosa Federal University, MG, Brazil Franco, Brena Karina Siqueira; Martins, Sebastião Venâncio; Faria, Patricia Carneiro Lobo; Ribeiro, Guido Assunção

• abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Dormancy break in seeds of SamaneatubulosaBenthan - (LeguminoseaeMimosoideae) Oliveira, Lucicléia Mendes de; Bruno, Riselane de Lucena Alcântara; Alves, Edna Ursulino; Sousa, Danielle Marie Macedo; Andrade, Albericio Pereira de • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Advanced natural regeneration in a caatinga remainder with different descriptions of use in the agreste of Pernambuco, Brazil Silva, Shirley de Oliveira; Ferreira, Rinaldo Luiz Caraciolo; Silva, Jose Antonio Aleixo da; Lira, Mario de Andrade; Alves Junior, Francisco Tarcísio; Cano, Maria Olivia de Oliveira; Torres, José Edson Lima

• abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Flower composition and structure of an atlantic rain forest tract, with land use history of banana plantation at the Pedra Branca state park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Solórzano, Alexandro; Guedes-Bruni, Rejan Rodrigues; Oliveira, Rogério Ribeiro de • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese


Effects of nests of Atta laevigata (Fr. Smith, 1858) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) on soil and vegetation of the cerrado Perin, Marco Aurelio Alves; Guimarães, Juliane Fernandes • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Efficyency assessemnt of the hidroretentor gel as fire retardant Souza, Henrique Neyffer de; Araújo, Tiago Guilherme de; Ribeiro, Guido Assunção • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the arborization in praça XV de novembro in Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo, Brazil Romani, Gustavo de Nobrega; Gimenes, Renata; Silva, Maristela Teixeira; Pivetta, Kathia Fernandes Lopes; Batista, Gisele Sales • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Subsidies for the wetlands protection of Xingu river basin (state of Mato Grosso, Brazil) Sanches, Rosely Alvim; Rossete, Amintas Nazareth; Rezende, Ana Carolina Pinto; Alves, Heber Queiroz; Villas-Bôas, André • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Soil and physiographic representativeness of native forest fragments in eucalyptus plantation areas Sarcinelli, Tathiane Santi; Fernandes Filho, Elpídio Inácio; Schaefer, Carlos Ernesto Gonçalves Reynaud; De Marco Júnior, Paulo; Leite, Fernando Palha • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Safety and occurrence of defects in the semi-mechanized clear-cutting operation of eucalypt forests Pereira, Reginaldo Sergio; Guimarães, Patrick Bruno Ruas; Del Menezzi, Cláudio Henrique Soares; Vale, Ailton Teixeira do; Robert, Renato César Gonçalves • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Mechanical behavior of the granulometrics mixtures of soil-grits Machado, Carlos Cardoso; Portugal, Carla Ribeiro Machado e • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

The economic value of extraction timber management in the lower Amazon, state of Pará Santana, Antônio Cordeiro de; Santos, Marcos Antônio Souza dos; Santana, Ádamo Lima de; Yared, Jorge Alberto Gazel

• abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Classification techniques for landsat tm imagery under different landscape patterns in Rondônia Mello, Allan Yu Iwama de; Alves, Diogenes Salas; Linhares, Claudia Albuquerque; Lima, Fábio Bueno de

• abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Mixture of three reforestation species on the cement-wood panels production Sá, Vânia Aparecida de; Bufalino, Lina; Albino, Vanessa C. S.; Corrêa, Andréa A.; Mendes, Lourival M.; Almeida, Natália A. • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese


Anatomical structure measurements in eucalypt wood that grown in differents places Oliveira, José Geraldo Lima de; Oliveira, José Tarcísio da Silva; Abad, Júpiter Israel Muro; Silva, Aderbal Gomes da; Fiedler, Nilton César; Vidaure, Graziela Baptista • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Production of plywood with different composition from Eucalyptus saligna and Pinus caribaea Iwakiri, Setsuo; Matos, Jorge Luis Monteiro de; Ferreira, Erika da Silva; Prata, José Guilherme; Trianoski, Rosilani

• abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese

Correlation between moisture content and energy efficiency of Pinus taeda's residues at different ages Furtado, Thielly Schmidt; Ferreira, Juliana Ceccato; Brand, Martha Andreia; Neves, Márcio Daian • abstract in English | Portuguese • text in Portuguese • pdf in Portuguese



Volumen 46 – Nº 3 (2012) Research articles Pablo Martínez-Álvarez, Fernando Manuel Alves-Santos & Julio Javier Diez: In vitro and in vivo interactions between Trichoderma viride and Fusarium circinatum / Abstract / Full text Anni Markkanen & Panu Halme: Polypore communities in broadleaved boreal forests / Abstract / Full text Anabel Aparecida de Mello, Leif Nutto, Karla Simone Weber, Carlos Eduardo Sanquetta, Jorge Luis Monteiro de Matos & Gero Becker: Individual biomass and carbon equations for Mimosa scabrella Benth. (bracatinga) in southern Brazil / Abstract / Full text Guolei Li, Yong Liu, Yan Zhu, Qing Mei Li & R. Kasten Dumroese: Effect of fall-applied nitrogen on growth, nitrogen storage and frost hardiness of bareroot Larix olgensis seedlings / Abstract / Full text Matti Rousi, Boy J.H.M. Possen, Risto Hagqvist & Barb R. Thomas: From the Arctic Circle to the Canadian prairies – a case study of silver birch acclimation capacity / Abstract / Full text Iulian Dragotescu & Daniel D. Kneeshaw: A comparison of residual forest following fires and harvesting in boreal forests in Quebec, Canada / Abstract / Full text Jyrki Hytönen & Lasse Aro: Biomass and nutrition of naturally regenerated and coppiced birch on cutaway peatland during 37 years / Abstract / Full text Kalle Karttunen, Kari Väätäinen, Antti Asikainen & Tapio Ranta: The operational efficiency of waterway transport of forest chips on Finland’s Lake Saimaa / Abstract / Full text Cheng-Jung Lin, Chih-Hsin Chung, Te-Hsin Yang & Far-Ching Lin: Detection of electric resistivity tomography and evaluation of the sapwood-heartwood demarcation in three Asia Gymnosperm species / Abstract / Full text Sanna Hautamäki, Antti Mutanen & Jari Viitanen: Substitution in the Finnish forest industry’s roundwood procurement / Abstract / Full text


Mirja Rantala, Teppo Hujala & Mikko Kurttila: Measuring and monitoring sociocultural sustainability in the action of forest biodiversity cooperation networks / Abstract / Full text



Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Volumen 36 – Nº 4 (2012)

1. The effects of different tillage methods on the post-wheat second crop sesame: seed yield, energy budget, and economic return BÜLENT UZUN, ENGİN YOL, ŞEYMUS FURAT, MEHMET TOPAKCI, MURAD ÇANAKCI, DAVUT KARAYEL Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 399-407. Abstract Full text:pdf 2. Oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) genotypic variation in response to boron deficiency JASNA SAVIC, VOLKER RÖMHELD, MIROSLAV NIKOLIC Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 408-414. Abstract Full text:pdf 3. Response of maize and soybeans to liming LUKA ANDRIC, MIRTA RASTIJA, TIHANA TEKLIC, VLADO KOVACEVIC Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 415-420. Abstract Full text:pdf 4. Seed priming with antioxidants improves sunflower seed germination and seedling growth under unfavorable germination conditions IVANA DRAGANIC, SLAVOLJUB LEKIC Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 421-428. Abstract Full text:pdf 5. Morphological and biochemical evaluation of selected almond [Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A.Webb] genotypes in northern Serbia SLAVICA COLIC, VERA RAKONJAC, GORDAN ZEC, DRAGAN NIKOLIC, MILICA FOTIRIC AKSIC Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 429-438. Abstract Full text:pdf 6. Effect of wetted soil area on trunk growth, yield, and fruit quality of drip-irrigated sour cherry trees OSMAN YILDIRIM, HATİCE DUMANOĞLU, NURDAN TUNA GÜNEŞ, MURAT YILDIRIM, AHMET AYGÜN, BEKİR ŞAN Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 439-450. Abstract Full text:pdf 7. Influence of soil chemical properties on relative abundance of arbuscular mycorrhiza in forested soils in Malaysia KIAN HUAT ONG, JOHN KEEN CHUBO, JIE HUNG KING, CHIA SHING LEE, DENNIS SHAN AN SU, PHILIP SIPEN Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 451-458. Abstract Full text:pdf


8. Effects of low-molecular-weight organic acids on phosphorus sorption characteristics in some calcareous soils NEDA MORADI, MIRHASAN RASOULI SADAGHIANI, EBRAHIM SEPEHR, BABAK ABDOLLAHI MANDOULAKANI Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 459-468. Abstract Full text:pdf 9. Liquid atomization and spray drift measurement in a wind tunnel for a twin fluid system with a deflector nozzle ZOLTÁN GULYÁS, LÁSZLÓ FENYVESI, SÁNDOR SZOBOSZLAY Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 469-475. Abstract Full text:pdf 10. Soil failure mode in front of a multiple-tip horizontally operated penetrometer ABBAS HEMMAT, AZAR KHORSANDI, VAHAB SHAFAIE Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 476-485. Abstract Full text:pdf 11. Influence of eccentric drawbar force on power delivery efficiency of a wheeled tractor MIRKO SIMIKIC, NEBOJSA DEDOVIC, LAZAR SAVIN, MILAN TOMIC, HASAN HÜSEYİN SİLLELİ, ONDREJ PONJICAN Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 486-500. Abstract Full text:pdf 12. The effect of temperature and precipitation on the intra-annual radial growth of Fagus orientalis Lipsky in Artvin, Turkey NESİBE KÖSE, HÜSEYİN TUNCAY GÜNER Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 501-509. Abstract Full text:pdf 13. Effects of compatibilizer and nanolayered silicate on physical and mechanical properties of PP/bagasse composites BEHZAD KORD Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 510-517. Abstract Full text:pdf



Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Volumen 36 – Nº 5 (2012)

1. Optimizing water and nitrogen use for maize production under semiarid conditions HAFIZ MOHKUM HAMMAD, ASHFAQ AHMAD, FARHAT ABBAS, WAJID FARHAD Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 519-532. Abstract Full text:pdf 2. Use of discriminant analysis for selection of hybrid maize parent lines AHMET ÖZ Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 533-542. Abstract Full text:pdf 3. Root length, root mass, and distribution of dry matter in different parts of Thompson Seedless grapevine grafted on different rootstocks in heavy soil of Maharashtra RAMHARI G. SOMKUWAR, PRAVIN B. TAWARE, DEVANAND D. BONDAGE, SUPRIYA NAVALE Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 543-552. Abstract Full text:pdf 4. Irrigation intervals affect physicochemical quality attributes and skin cracking in litchi fruit ABDUR RAB, IHSAN-UL HAQ Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 553-562. Abstract Full text:pdf 5. Combined treatment of modified atmosphere packaging and 1-methylcyclopropene improves postharvest quality of Japanese plums MUSTAFA ERKAN, HAKAN ESKİ Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 563-575. Abstract Full text:pdf 6. Research on antifungal and inhibitory effects of DL-limonene on some yeasts MUSTAFA ÜMİT ÜNAL, FİLİZ UÇAN, AYSUN ŞENER, SADIK DİNÇER Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 576-582. Abstract Full text:pdf 7. Investigating sampling accuracy to estimate sediment concentrations in erosion plot tanks DAVOOD NIKKAMI Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 583-590. Abstract Full text:pdf


8. Comparison of harvester and motor-manual logging in intermediate cuttings of deciduous stands REMIGIJUS ZINKEVICIUS, DAINIUS STEPONAVICIUS, DALIUS VITUNSKAS, GINTAUTAS CINGA Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 591-600. Abstract Full text:pdf 9. Correlation between the protein content and mechanical properties of wheat MEHMET BAŞLAR, FATİH KALKAN, MAZHAR KARA, MUSTAFA FATİH ERTUGAY Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 601-607. Abstract Full text:pdf 10. Determination of the bread-making quality of flours using an automatic bread machine İSMAİL SAİT DOĞAN, ÖNDER YILDIZ, BURHAN TAŞAN Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 608-618. Abstract Full text:pdf 11. Morphological and physiological differences between bareroot and container Juniperus excelsa seedlings AYŞE DELİGÖZ Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 619-628. Abstract Full text:pdf 12. Black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) standing volume in the riparian forests of the Czech Republic LUBOMIR SALEK, DANIEL ZAHRADNIK, LUBOMIR TIPMANN, ROBERT MARUSAK Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 629-635. Abstract Full text:pdf 13. Load-carrying capacity of mitered furniture corner joints with dovetail keys under diagonal tension load SADEGH MALEKI, MOHAMMAD DERIKVAND, MOSAYEB DALVAND, GHANBAR EBRAHIMI Turk. J. Agric. For., 36, (2012), 636-643. Abstract Full text:pdf






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