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School Psychology Service Newsletter July 2011 Student Psychology Records To comply with records management legislation the Statewide School Psychology Service requires School Psychologists to use SSSS and TRIM as well as a separate hard copy file for each student. School Psychologists must also gain informed consent for intervention and maintain confidentiality of records. Strict rules of confidentiality apply to accessing student psychology files. School Psychologists and Professional Leaders can access these files. Files must be kept in a secure lockable filing cabinet for the exclusive use by the School Psychologist. It is not acceptable for these records to be in a cabinet accessed by other staff. School Psychology Service Website and Standard Records Documents Work has been done to enhance the SPS website. The modifications provide access to SSSS and secure access to a suite of standard template documents for School Psychologists. Work is underway with secure access for school psychologists, it is expected that this will be finished by end July. All School Psychologists are required to use the SPS standardised proformas for recording interventions. Use of these documents supports School Psychologists to produce quality professional documentation and provide consistently high standards of information for a range of

stakeholders including schools, parents, interagency partners and fellow School Psychologists. These proformas and SSSS are integral components of the improved records management processes. Feedback will be sought later this year to enable the Professional Leaders and Records Management Committee to fine-tune the proformas for 2012. School Psychologist Email Disclaimer Statement All School Psychologists need to use the SPS email disclaimer at the base of their emails. The text for this disclaimer is as follows: The content of this email or any attachment is intended only for the use of the addressee/s. The unauthorised use, disclosure, distribution, copying or taking any action based on the contents of the email or attachments is strictly prohibited and may be a breach of section 242 of the School Education Act (WA) 1999. If you are not the intended recipient of this email or the attachments, please notify the sender immediately by return email and delete it and any attachment from your system. Thank you. FAQ Related to Locating School Psychologists in Schools A FAQ was recently distributed to clarify for Principals and School Psychologists matters connected with the location of School Psychologists into schools. Topics covered included professional and


operational management, professional issues, service planning, critical incidents and system level programs, work hours and conditions and office requirements. A copy is available through the School Psychology website. Another FAQ is being developed by Labour Relations on travel issues. It is anticipated this document will be available for distribution in the near future. Survey of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) School Psychologists constitute one of the largest sources of referrals for CAMHS support. CAMHS are undertaking stakeholder surveys and seek School Psychologist feedback. Please note the three surveys below and feel free to complete one or more as relevant. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete each survey. CAMHS Community Services: This weblink relates to the following services: CAMHS Community Clinics, CAMHS Child Protection team, Integrated Service Centres for refugees. CAMHS Acute Services: This weblink relates to the following services: PMH Ward 4H, Bentley Adolescent Unit (BAU) , Bentley Transition Unit, PMH Psychology, Acute Community Intervention team (ACIT) and Psychiatric Liaison Nurses (PLN).


CAMHS Intensive Services: This weblink relates to the following services: PMH Eating Disorders, Family Pathways, Families at Work, CAHDS, MST, YouthReach South, Youthlink. If you encounter difficulties accessing a survey please contact Corinne Reid, Senior Research Psychologist at CAMHS on 0400 364 795. Senior School Psychologists – Behaviour Team. School-wide Systems Focus The School Psychology Service Specialist Behaviour Team has been operational now for over two years. During this time the Team has continued to develop highly refined processes for supporting schools in effective behaviour management at the individual, group and school–wide level. Along with this refinement have come critical understandings about how effective schools manage behaviour in a sustainable way. One of the central features of such schools is the systemic way behaviour management is addressed. These schools typically do not believe you change a school, one student at a time or by staff training alone. A systems perspective on effective management shifts the focus to school-wide processes, structures and practices that are evidence-based, educational and able to be measured. For effective practices to be sustained, a school requires understanding of organisational management and systems change. The Specialist Behaviour Team attempts to incorporate these systems understandings into all its work with schools. Therefore, a schoolwide approach to effective behaviour management is the initial entry point for the Team in supporting schools where prevention and improvement are the focus.

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Directions for 2011 The Specialist Behaviour Team is enthusiastic about expanding its work in 2011. In addition to the work currently being undertaken, the Team is increasing its focus on school-wide behaviour support. An evidence–based vehicle that has been identified to support this implementation is the School–Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) approach. Just as Behaviour Centres are a source of referral for severe individual cases and CMS for classroom level teacher upskilling, the Specialist Behaviour Team is the referral point for any consultancy, training, information or advice related to school-wide behaviour support. The promotion of schoolwide approaches through links with Professional Leaders is an important step in furthering this work. Professional Leaders are encouraged to contact the team when any issues arise within schools where a schoolwide approach to addressing student behaviour management is desirable. To continue the development of school-wide approaches this year, the team is offering training for School Psychologists in selected regions in the contextual analysis of their school’s behaviour management processes. This analysis serves as a prerequisite for prevention and intervention planning. It also serves the useful purpose of supporting psychologists to use data-based decision making methods in their behaviour management work. The team hopes to expand the initial phase of this work to a greater number of regions over the next couple of years. If any Professional Leaders have an interest in knowing more about this work, the team is more than happy to share information. In addition to this, support is available to clusters of schools to implement positive behaviour support.


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School Psychology Service Newsletter

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