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ZUlAPRn P 2 38 March 22,2007 Jeff S Jordan Supervisory Attorney Complaints Examination ft



Office of the General Counsel Federal ^jlBCtion v/Of^T^^^^ion 999 E Street, NW Washington. DC 20463

^ ^^


Additional Infonnation for MUR 5905 (NASW-PACE)

Dear Mr Ionian Li your letter to me dated March 14, 2007, you instructed me to provide the FEC Office ofGeiieralQ>uiisdwimanyadcbbonaliM (MUR 5905) Please be advised that Kelley Drye & Warren LLP is the law firm hired by the National Association of Social Workers to investigate the Association regarding concerns raised in my whistleblower action for NASW-PACE (Political Action for Candidate Election, the NASW political action committee) The firm sent me the enclosed letter dated March 19, 2007, as well as the enclosed e-mail and e-mail attachment sent on March 21, 2007 I am enclosing my response letter to the law firm dated March 22,2007 I am also enclosing the unopened package I reference in the letter, as well as additional proof of the mailing of the package

on fh.s *?> ^ -^ cc

RethaDixon, Docket Manager

? §



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O at

We hive been retained by the Bond of Directors of your former employer, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), to investigate cl^^ there In particular, the NASW Board has sent us ycmr letter dated October 11,2006, addressed to the Fedend Election Commission Aa we undentand it, your October 11 letter sets out most, if not all, of your claims and concerns


We wiU need, and would qigxeciafe, your coopenfcon to ensu^ investigation The fiistthfag that we need are copies of siiyd financial records or other materials - which you beheve support or relate to the allegations which you have described in that tetter ID addition, your letter refers to emails which you ente sent or received fiom other staff at the NASW (such as emails dated September 18, September 19, October 11,2006 and others). Yon also make nfbreaoe to a memonmdimi dated September 15, 2006, aa well as to other NASW and NASW PACE records. We BIB requesting mat yon please provide us wife |U of those emaibaad documents, as well as anything else which you believe supports or substantiates yotir g'*BB and "Mnnffiift^ or which im^odMfwisehelpiisfaithisuivestigitfion, We would also invite you to speak wdh us about your clamis and coocens in person, if you WOUld Uke A«IaMilliBlh^1haiiifliiaifriSwm«tiMt«ah«ii^ilMm^

those present would be limned to my colleagues fiom Kefley Diye and hittopendent professionals advising us. IDaddition, we have been advised that, while emjdoyed wim the NASW, you removed fiom ns NASWdoemothm reoord of these doumnents being returned If you cunently have any NASW leoovda in your possettioii,whetehardco]jyorelectamo,w^ You can defaver diem to me at Kolley Diye, along wim the materiato mpesud above, that supirart «hrimsJonlkrtnr.SUBi400 NavlMc VMUmtonOC f^mOomsr

CMosjB SUmtort


BTUBMBJ mjflEOma Munbsl www ton tydryt com

Ik«dtaQnittHinqjo«,JD,MSWtLBSW MMi 19,2007


COLLIER SHANNON your claims and eanoena. IfyoudonothiveaiiysachiecoxdsofNASW,D WJIt'lH tft IHft ft 1¥B"| Wf1*!! y*1 *pBIM>>lft ™* *m*|-mM-ifl tMteriafa fty y""T «"""f yff ffflijgflfili

Rnally, pleue be enured that WB tee moving ahead with tUi inveadgadoa ea quickly aa poiaiblei Haoee, WB would leojueat a. pmnpt reaponie fton you We would hke to get the infbimitioa aivpoctang you dam^ reoordf that youretodned,by Ihe end of flda WBektwWchiiFrid§yiMnoh23,2007 17!, Q

Ptoaae call me an at

, upon your receipt of tiUi letter I would Idee to toft with you

tft ttiflf W Can ^f*^1|yfa *hff **^lt v"^lifP^ •••*•• •»• mn • «•• •••^py iptmnmif yrm •ti^g^if hnyft,


Thaok you in advance for your anistmce,




EtavidE Frulla





O -S -S

' 7


S f-T

£! 11 Oi 11 iM




S fS;

KELLEY DRYE COLLIER SHANNON Modi 19.2007 VIA HAND DELIVERY Iknti Cantfi Hmoross, JD, MSW, LBSW Wheatoo,MD 20902

o r\i


DcarMi Hinqjosa We have been retained by the Bond of Directon of your fiuinei employer, the National Association of Socud Worioers (NASW), to investigate damn wfaicfa you made white employed there fa particular, the NASW Board fan sort us your 1^ to the Fed^ Election Commission As we imdentand it, your October 11 letter sets out inost, if not eUL of your di81"* end ftft We wdl need, md would ifipncudB, your coopenttiontoensiirewDcancon^leteafiinandfiur investigation The first thing that we need are copies of ay documents -menx)*, letters, emails, records or odw materials - ¥411611 you believe support or relate to ti«aUegBlK3os
can deliver them to me at Kelley Drye, along with the materials requested above, that support KEUErDRVE4¥MRRENUP WMligUjnMrtMr.SlrtMOO 3050KStrMtNW WWv«naDC20007 5106 PHONE(200342 8400 !M(a02)342«51 Nsw\M


TynmComtr ChasjD





www killtydryt com

Ikuta CantfiHmojosa, JDf M5W, LBSW

March 19,2007


your clamis and concerns If you do not have any such xecoids of NASW, please c^^ «""*JIM| fr l*f B*1MBtl1,1"*aB y*' «""•"»* ** mppflHifig tMteritf • far your rUW^f at^f

Finally, please be assured mat we an moving ahead with this investigation as quickly as possible Hence, we would leojnest A pvumul response from you We would fake to get the m&imation supporting your claiinsar^ records mat yon retained, by the end of this week, which u Friday, March 23,2007. ,;I If) O

Please call me at , upon your receipt of mis tetter I would like to talk with you so mat we cm coordmate the steps outlined Tnmk you in advance for your assistance.


David E FkuQa.



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Cantu HlnoJoM, Iketta Rom Ikeita Cantu Hnojoaa Sent: Friday, March 23,20071142 AM ToCantu Hmojosa, Ikeita Subject. FwdNASW Attachimnte: SFXB68 pdf

Forwarded message From Hocyy Banian J? :.~; *j

O & •M

Date Mar 21,20071224PM Subiect NASW To

Dear Ms Hmojosa As you may be aware, we have been retained by the NASW, in connection with your allegations and complaint to the FEC We had delivered to you on Monday a letter requesting materials from you I understand from Julie Trute that you did not receive that letter I have attached it to this email Would you kindly review and respond to that letter as soon as you are able I also was advised by Julie Trute that you would be amenable to coming in to meet with us, at my firm's office in DC Ms Trute is meeting wim us tomorrow (Thursday March 22) at 1pm Are you available tomorrow, either at 1 or sometime later in the day7 In the alternative, are you available on Friday March7 23* If not Friday, are you available Monday or Tuesday of next week We are trying to coordinate a number of different meetings, so a prompt response would be appreciated Barbara Hoey «SFXB69 pdf» Pursuant to Treasury Regulations, any U S federal tax advice contained in this communication, unless 3/23/2007

Page 2 of 2 otherwise staled, is not intended and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties The information contained in this E-mail message is privileged, confidential, and may be protected from disclosure, please be aware that any other use, printing, copying, disclosure or dissemination of this comniumcaiionniay be subject to legal lestnction or sanction If you think that you have received this E-mail message in error, please reply to the sender HUB E-mail message and any attachments have been scanned for viruses and are believed to be free of any virus or other defect that might affect any computer system into which it is received and opened However, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that it is virus free and no responsibility is accepted by Kelley Drye ft Warren LLP for any loss or damage arising in any way from its use 10 Lft

o 'M •=! r-j



ftdta Cntf Hmojon, JD, MSW, LBSW

March 22, 2007 David E Frulla,Esq Kelley Dry* A Warren LLP 3050 K Street, NW Suite 400 Washington. DC 20007 (v


National Association of Social Workers

iff O

Dear Mr Frulla

i '

I i I I


^ ^

I am writing in response to your letter of Match 19, 2007, wherein you inform me that your firm has been retained to investigate the National Association of Social Workers (NASW)


O fl ^

Hie premise of this response is based upon the understanding you already possess that my concerns are already a matter of record and are vetted in my whistteblower letter dated October 11, 2006 Accordingly, your request for my cooperation and a meeting would yield no new information and would be dupbcanve of that which I have already previously, fully, and voluntarily given to NASW principals (in particular, NASW President Elvira Craig de Silva and NASW Finance Committee member Dairy! Wheeler), auditors Giant Thornton, and/or the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Most importantly, it would be imprudent given my whistteblower standing to jeopardize an active FEC investigation

Finally, it bean noting - and I trust you are aware - that an internal ad hocreviewwas begun before I resigned from NASW In seeking to be cooperative with that investigation, I gathered, organized, and sent via overnight mail (to NASW President Elvira Craig de Silva on February 9, 2007) all documents pertaining to this matter According to the United States Postal Service, several attempts were made to deliver these documents and they were also available for retrieval, however, they were never picked up Ttese documents were returned to me early last week and I have provided the unopened package to the FEC Please be aware that all of the documents contained in this package are copies of documents within NASW control To be clear, all documentation you request in your March 19* tetter continues to reside within NASW - copies were provided to the FEC and copies are contained within the above-referenced package There IB only one body of documents Throughout the course of my employment and in resigning from NASW on February 9*, I removed cjnjy. personal efrects and documents Sincerely, Ikata Canti Hmojosa cc

Federal Election Commission (MUR 5905)

tiara- iracKczunmrm


Track t Contain


Track & Confirm t olffW VWU



1XM07, 110pm, I



10, MOT. 030 M.



l • « Si 00.2007, 1111MB,

nor, mo«\

.'M 'g*I O 0>

, 7JO Ml, .147pm, OB, 2007, 10 32



Track AConfmn by i of upd§lM for your AMI Mill to you or oOim by MMri Proof off DMivwy VMJf who «oMd far your ibjm by •rrwri, tax, or ml





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