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The Taste of Bread A translation of Le Goût du Pain, comment le préserver, comment le retrouver Authors Raymond Calvel Book 9 Citations 18 Readers 1 Reviews 3.7k Downloads

Table of contents Page of 2 Next 1. Front Matter Pages i-xxiv PDF 2. Characteristics of Raw Materials and Dough Production 1. Front Matter Pages 1-1 PDF 2. Flour Raymond Calvel Pages 3-14 PDF 3. Dough Raymond Calvel Pages 15-23 PDF 3. The Role of Mixing and of Yeast Fermentation in the Creation of Bread Taste 1. Front Matter Pages 25-25 PDF 2. Mixing Raymond Calvel Pages 27-37 PDF 3. Fermentation Raymond Calvel Pages 38-48 PDF 4. Organic Acids Raymond Calvel Pages 49-54 PDF 5. Dough Maturation and Development Raymond Calvel Pages 55-63 PDF 4. Baking and Keeping Qualities of Bread and Their Relationship to Taste 1. Front Matter Pages 65-65 PDF 2. Bread Crust Raymond Calvel Pages 67-77 PDF 3. Bread Crumb Raymond Calvel Pages 78-79 PDF 4. Bread Staling Raymond Calvel Pages 80-85 PDF 5. Traditional and Specialty Bread Production 1. Front Matter Pages 87-87 PDF 2. Basic French Bread Raymond Calvel Pages 89-101 PDF 3. Specialty Breads Raymond Calvel Pages 102-128 PDF 6. Yeast-Raised Sweet Dough Products, Common and Dietetic Rusks, Breadsticks, Croissants, Parisian and Regional Brioches 1. Front Matter Pages 129-129 PDF 2. Rusks and Specialty Toasted Breads Raymond Calvel Pages 131-140 PDF 3. Yeast-Raised Sweet Doughs Raymond Calvel Pages 141-157 PDF 4. Regional Brioches Raymond Calvel Pages 158-180 PDF Page of 2 Next

About this book Introduction At long last, the classic text by acclaimed French baking expert Raymond Calvel is available in English. Professor Calvel is known throughout the world for his research on the production of quality French and European hearth breads, and this new English edition, undertaken by translator Ronald L. Wirtz and technical editor James J. MacGuire, brings Calvel’s expertise to the English-speaking world. The Taste of Bread is a thorough guide to the elements and principles behind the production of good-tasting bread, including a broad variety of bread products as flavored breads, breadsticks, croissants, brioches, and other regional baked goods. Each important aspect of the process is covered: wheat and milling characteristics of breadmaking flour dough composition oxidation in the mixing process leavening and fermentation effects of dough division and formation baking and equipment storage The English edition provides notes and information specifically on the use of North American flours and includes recipes in both metric and US units. Enhanced with new black-and-white and color photography, The Taste of Bread will be a key resource for bakers and other culinary professionals and students who must understand the complex elements that yield quality breads.

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The Taste of Bread - Springer

The Taste of Bread A translation of Le Goût du Pain, comment le préserver, comment le retrouver Authors Raymond Calvel Book 9 Citations 18 Readers 1 R...

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